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Free will and determinism

September 20, 2018

She showed plenty of boob, which was great,
Wore no panties, which didn’t equate
To her being a slut,
Not conclusively, but
One might say that she was tempting fate!


January 18, 2018

Bosom thrust out, pert, chewing her gum,
Skirt just short of the cheeks of her bum,
And no knickers, the bitch!
Just the way that they twitch
Quite sufficient to get off, for some!


January 13, 2018

She went home, her new dress stained and tattered,
No panties, cum-covered, bespattered!
She could have said no,
In fact may have done, though,
Not, of course, that it fucking well mattered!


March 11, 2017

On the bus, when she noticed a draught,
She thought “Jesus! A girl must be daft!
Well, thank goodness I waxed!”
Then she shrugged and relaxed.
“Let them look if they want to!” she laughed.

Sugar daddy

January 3, 2017

Her dress décolleté, rather sheer;
“My word, you look lovely my dear!
I’ll try not to stare!
A nice touch not to wear
Any panties,” he said, with a leer.




August 4, 2016

“I have something,” she said “to confess.
I’ve no panties on under this dress!
It’s a little bit draughty,”
She said, looking crafty,
“But saves time and trouble, and mess!”


February 8, 2016

His first time at the cabaret. Lordy!
Them girls! Skimpy costumes, so gaudy!
No panties, as well,
It was easy to tell,
And their songs and the jokes, oh so bawdy!

Bicycle safety

May 7, 2015

Underneath her skirt naked, wet, slick,
She bent down, gave the leather a lick,
Sat astride the hard saddle,
Slip-sliding astraddle,
Rode off; pedal, whir, giggle, click!


November 5, 2013

By libidinous frenzy bedevilled,
In men’s lustful longings she revelled,
Like real-life porn!
She’d arrive home at dawn,
Panties lost, tipsy, giggling, dishevelled.

Full disclosure

August 20, 2013

Her blouse gapes as she blissfully dozes.
Her skirt hikes up too. Holy Moses!
No panties! No bra!
Is it going too far
To take photos? Well, yes, he supposes.