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November 22, 2018

In that dress, being splendidly norked,
Her tits jiggled and bobbed as she walked.
She thought “Baby, wrong bar!
Should’ve gone with the bra!”
But by then, she’d already been porked!

Showing her cards

March 29, 2018

Despite his mates’ ragging and scoffing,
He judged, by the wine she was quaffing,
(A bottle so far),
And not wearing a bra,
There was likely a root in the offing.

The bridge club

January 14, 2016

Though her husband was rich and adoring,
She found married life rather boring.
She’d cruise in her car,
In a short dress, no bra,
Or drop into some bar and go whoring!

Sexual harassment

November 26, 2015

Though my client, Your Honour, admits
She wore dresses with rather high slits,
And tight shirts, and no bra,
Still her boss went too far,
When he called out “Garn! Show us your tits!”

On the market

November 11, 2015

No damn bra, short dress, strap off her shoulder,
Lip gloss, pancake rouge, pout and smoulder!
Mouth spray, condoms, key,
Cigarettes, fake ID.
In the right light, she’ll pass for much older!

Full disclosure

August 20, 2013

Her blouse gapes as she blissfully dozes.
Her skirt hikes up too. Holy Moses!
No panties! No bra!
Is it going too far
To take photos? Well, yes, he supposes.


Skirting the issue

June 4, 2013

The girl’s skirt’s altogether too short;
Her breasts lack any means of support.
Has she no thought, or dread,
In her pretty young head,
Of the risk with which such dress is fraught?

Sweater girl

October 15, 2011

She felt sexy, dressed in her tight sweater;
Not wearing a bra made it better!
When men turned to stare,
Had she chosen to wear
Any panties, they’d now be much wetter!