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Strange relations

December 31, 2018

Pain or ecstasy? which was it, etched
On her pretty young face, her arse stretched
By her master’s thick cock,
Then, (surprise, if not shock!)
Her mouth too, as she gurgled and retched?


October 28, 2015

It was not just the fit, but her heat,
Her cunt salty, her mouth and breath sweet,
The soft heave of her breasts.
Whispered, urgent requests
He obeyed, but could never repeat!

Birthday present

October 21, 2015

They had markedly differing views
About which of her holes he could use;
Though her arse was taboo,
And her mouth, mostly, too,
On his birthday and such, he could choose.

Delicious uncertainty

July 20, 2015

How much more such delight could she bear?
Not to know, and in fact not to care,
Though a little perplexed,
Where he rooted her next;
In her mouth or her cunt or elsewhere!

Baptism of fire

March 9, 2015

She approached sex a bit apprehensively,
Naked, but legs crossed defensively;
Having said yes,
She got fucked nonetheless,
North and south, pussy, mouth, comprehensively!


November 13, 2014

The monks fucked Sister Joan on a roster,
Reciting, meanwhile Pater Noster;
Mouth, bottom as well!
Would she then burn in Hell?
Or was God, like the monks, an imposter?

Informed consent

October 23, 2014

She asked “Where will you put it, precisely?”
“Your cunt,” he said, bluntly, concisely.
“Your mouth. What the hell,
In your arsehole as well.”
“Fine,” she said, that will do very nicely!”

Kid glove treatment

February 15, 2014

Now he’d done the right thing and proposed,
He’d be wanting some sex, she supposed.
Some girls, one understands,
Use their mouth or their hands!
To the latter she’s not so opposed.

Vandals and Goths

December 5, 2013

When out raiding, a Vandal or Goth,
Prone to excess of lust and of wrath,
Slaughter done, raged and roared,
Raped and pillaged and whored,
Mouth and penis, alike, both afroth!

Sweet dreams

October 21, 2013

He was no one she knew, just some bloke.
A nice cock though! She gave it a stroke.
He’d had too much to drink;
Passed out. What would he think,
As he came in her mouth, if he woke!