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The blunted sword

November 22, 2018

“Though I’m not one for casting aspersions”,
She said, “his attempted insertions
Do leave one quite cold!
Poor Sir Ralph’s just to old
For such amorous, sweaty exertions!”

Chivalry is dead

May 6, 2018

Bold Sir Percy, still flushed from the joust,
Became amorous, being well soused.
”It’s a very fine lance;
Put it back in your pants!”,
The outraged Lady Gwendoline roused.

Feudal doodle

October 13, 2013

Women born back in times medieval,
Of violence, fear, upheaval,
Perhaps didn’t mind
Sex, rape, things of that kind,
Or if porridge contained the odd weevil.

By a lake in the woods

April 14, 2013

She exclaimed “Oh, my goodness, Sir Knight!
I  was bathing! You gave me a fright!
Why, I might have been raped!
I could not have escaped!
Though, of course, one would put up a fight!”