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A night in

May 24, 2018

Watchin’ TV, and sharin’ a rug.
Yeah, she gave him a bit of a tug,
Let him cop a good squeeze
Of her titties, but jeez!
Well, who wouldn’t? she said, with a shrug.

Ways and means

February 13, 2018

Though her parents were terribly strict,
Despite morals they tried to inflict,
Still, they couldn’t have known
Things she did on her own,
Nor how often her pussy got licked!

The gift

July 20, 2017

Sweet sixteen, almost never been kissed;
Such soft lips, and so supple a wrist!
Quite astounding; so young,
Such a talented tongue,
And her slippery grip; rub and twist!

Only herself to please

June 13, 2017

Though she didn’t mind plain fornication,
She said she preferred masturbation;
Her vibrating toys,
So much better than boys!
Up her arse and … Too much information!

The handmaiden’s blush

June 10, 2017

You’d have thought, from the way that she’d flirted,
She’d not have been so disconcerted,
The way that she yelped,
Though it couldn’t be helped,
When he jerked in her fingers and squirted!



The winds of change

June 6, 2017

God, one day, in a fit of afflatus,
Declared, “I shall alter man’s status!
A rib, that would do;
Make him something to screw.
Change that name, too … Homo masturbatus.



Girona Art Museum


The naturist

February 26, 2017

Naked, bareback, she rode in all weather;
She might, her touch light as a feather,
(No need to undress herself),
Sometimes caress herself,
Pussy lips tough as old leather!



The wilful suspension of disbelief

January 3, 2017

Yes, he loved her, he said. Pleasant fiction!
Wet finger on clit, such sweet friction!
It flustered her so
That she kept saying no,
But with rather more hope than conviction!



The matter in hand

December 1, 2016

He decided he’d simply persist;
Buy her presents, perhaps get her pissed.
He imagined his cock
Getting hard as a rock
In the grip of her pretty young fist!





Personal assistant

October 11, 2016

On her knees, at the bank where she works,
Her tits out, her head bobs, her hand jerks
On the manager’s lap;
Not a bad sort of chap;
It’s just one of his job’s little perks.