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The compromise

October 15, 2018

Though their marriage was fairly robust,
(Lots of sex, but not very much lust),
They both turned a blind eye
To stray roots, the odd lie,
As one might, to save pain, and so must.

Stretching the friendship

September 3, 2018

Out of sheer damn bone-headed lust,
He crammed all his big cock in her, just!
About half an inch more,
As she inwardly swore,
She’d be pretty much certain to bust!


August 23, 2018

What’s a man to do? Who could help lusting?
So beautiful, young, and so trusting!
“Damn perv!” he admits,
As he fondles her tits.
Even he thinks he’s bloody disgusting!


July 26, 2018

Feeling guilty, somewhat self-disgusted,
He looked at her, helplessly lusted!
So vibrant, so young,
Perfect tits, lips bee-stung…
And so trusting! But could he be trusted?

Reading the signs

July 4, 2018

He was nice, but she thought she detected
A hint, though she might stand corrected,
He wanted her just
To indulge his vile lust,
Which he did, pretty much as expected!

Lust for power

October 14, 2017

Politicians, when out on the hustings,
Are subject to furious lustings
Awed young volunteers
At times brought to tears
By candidates’ gropings and thrustings!

Waste not, want not

September 20, 2017

“Look!” he said “What a handsome erection!
Don’t pout. It’s a sign of affection,
Lust. Heavens above!
At a stretch, even love!
So let’s fuck! If you have no objection!”


August 14, 2017

Though such things were beneath him, ostensibly,
Sometimes, he thought only sensibly,
Burning with lust,
He betrayed women’s trust,
To abuse them, poor souls, indefensibly!


June 5, 2017

She confessed sinful thoughts to her pastor.
He said “Child, it’s no great disaster.
We all, even I,
Burn with lust, which we try
To control, but at times cannot master!

Wishful thinking

June 2, 2017

Getting older, still virgin, such lust!
It’s a case of get rooted or bust!
Sagging tits, pushing thirty,
Thoughts constantly dirty,
Her pussy just gathering dust!