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Led astray

August 20, 2018

Half-undressed, in complete disarray,
It was plain that she’d been led astray
By some lecherous youth,
Her mum thought, though, in truth,
She’d been leading, not led, in a way.

A funny turn

October 1, 2017

His face set in a lecherous leer,
He said “Close your eyes now, my dear.
Don’t stop sucking though!”
And next thing, don’t you know,
She’d, poor girl, been come over all queer!

Putting it briefly

March 2, 2016

Her seducer, the cause of her grief,
Came and went in the night like a thief.
Bloody lecherous beast!
Still, the fuck was, at least,
Fairly painless and blessedly brief.

Dirty deeds

December 10, 2015

There was no need, poor girl, to embellish.
The truth was sufficiently hellish!
Deeds ever so vile!
His lascivious smile,
And his lecherous, treacherous relish!


February 10, 2015

Yes, she’d felt a distinct, mild foreboding;
The flowers … some sort of encoding,
A message of sorts,
About lecherous thoughts,
Of his cock in her pussy, uploading!

Loitering with intent

May 18, 2013

On a street corner, downtown, he loitered;
His lecherous eye reconoitred
The passing parade
For a girl who, once laid,
Could be later more broadly exploited

1970s Man Ogling Sexy Young Woman Walking Down City Street Wearing Only A Bikini


March 10, 2013

So voluptuous, carnal, but vicious,
Her kisses were hot and delicious,
Seductive and lecherous,
Sultry but treacherous,
Pussy-lips slick and lubricious!

Niche market

June 16, 2012

From the gentry, the titled and landed,
By stages, she’d lowered her standard;
She now spread her limbs,
At the lecherous whims
Of low types, to whose vile tastes she pandered.