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A bird in the hand

December 30, 2018

Not so young. Twenty five in the shade.
Though he knows he’s been sucked in, been played,
(Flirting, flashing, the booze,)
What’s a bloke got to lose?
Pussy’s pussy. At least he’ll get laid!

Scratching an itch

April 10, 2017

Though a good, faithful wife, I’m afraid
That sometimes she got bored, and she strayed,
Told her husband some lie,
Went out, picked up some guy,
Had a couple of drinks, and got laid.



Not dying not knowing

December 2, 2016

He should ask for a fuck, it made sense,
Though she might well, of course, take offense,
But he might just get laid,
For what difference that made
In the overall tide of events.



Coming of age

October 19, 2016

Birthday lunch at the Ritz, very pleasant!
“More champagne, my girl? How’s your pheasant?”
Her rich uncle paid.
“Sixteen. Time you got laid.
And no time, dear girl, like the present!”


Good form

March 9, 2016

As a fresher, of course, to conform
To the rather promiscuous norm,
She got laid when she could,
And gave head, as you would,
Just like all of the girls in her dorm.


March 9, 2016

Though their parents were Godly and strict,
Their teen daughters, as one would predict,
Soon found ways, I’m afraid,
To, if not quite get laid,
Get their pussies extensively licked!

Cherry picking

March 6, 2016

Her first time. Nothing big, in the end.
No one special, some guy, just a friend;
“It’s not love, I’m afraid.
I just want to get laid,”
She said. “Kiss and stuff, though, like. Pretend.”

The prodigal daughter

January 2, 2016

She’d backslid, been corrupted and strayed;
She’d gone out and got drunk and got laid,
And it felt so damn good,
That whenever she could,
She backslid more and more, I’m afraid!

Truth hurts

November 8, 2014

She complained to the court she’d been slandered;
“He called me a slut!” she expanded.
“These days, I’m afraid,
Said the judge, “Getting laid
Quite a lot, although sluttish, is standard!”

The happy minstrel

October 28, 2014

Almost eighteen, she’d waited so long!
Not that wanting and waiting were wrong.
A moonlight serenade;
She was wooed, won and laid.
The poor girl could be had for a song!