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Frilly knickers

November 14, 2018

Frilly knickers, scrunched up, at his feet.
What’s the story? Love? Lust? Bitter? Sweet?
Of virginity lost?
Or just carelessly tossed,
Stained and soggy, leaf-strewn, on the street?

Life’s a bitch

October 22, 2018

After five or six beers, she’s groggy…
And randy! Her knickers are soggy!
Next thing she knows, she’s
On her hands and her knees,
Being rooted by somebody, doggy!


July 14, 2018

Sidling up to him, tiddly, well-liquored,
She purred, “Wanna do somethin’ wicked?”
Her tits brushed his arm,
As he blushed in alarm.
The damn slut, known by all as loose-knickered!

Smelling a rat

May 9, 2018

She sobbed “Father, I’d much have preferred
Had you just simply taken my word
That I don’t touch hard liquors…
And sniffing my knickers!
Disgusting! And bloody absurd!


February 19, 2018

The poor maid in whose knickers he’d ferreted,
Fate, sadly, worse than she merited,
Willing or not,
Was dismissed on the spot,
And the scion concerned disinherited.







October 24, 2017

Alec d’Urberville, buffed boots and dressy,
Growled “Off with those knickers then, Tessie!
We’ll do the dark deed.
It will hurt. You may bleed.
You’ll be going home sticky and messy.”

Out of Africa 1

September 5, 2017

On the plantation, back in Rhodesia,
One wore no knickers. It’s breezier,
Cooler, you know.
Quite indecent, although,
For an afternoon fuck, that much easier!





Taking the hint

May 30, 2017

Her lace knickers, so flimsy and scanty,
Not panties quite, more just a panty,
And all that she wore!
He must fuck her, he swore!
(Which, of course, she would not have been anti!)

Natural goodness

March 21, 2017

A nice natural girl, nothing plastic,
And good in bed too, quite gymnastic!
Plain knickers and singlet,
The odd curly ringlet
Escaping beneath the elastic


January 25, 2017

Bloody men, standing round by the keg!
Don’t they want to throw over the leg?
What’s a girl got to do
In this place for a screw,
Get her knickers off, bend down and beg?