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The luck of the draw

January 3, 2019

Young and innocent, though in full bloom,
Very soon, she could only assume,
Sex would somehow occur,
(Which was quite fine with her),
With somebody or other, but whom?

Innocent until proven guilty

November 19, 2015

Not as innocent as she pretends,
What she’ll let you do rather depends;
If she likes what she sees,
She’ll say yes (or yes, please),
And decide then how far yes extends.



Wild West 8

November 2, 2015

She grew up in a house on the prairie,
All innocent, pretty, unwary,
But then caught the eye
Of strange men passing by,
When tits grew, and her pussy got hairy.

Slight imperfection

March 19, 2015

Young and innocent, highly respectable,
Totally bloody delectable!
Taken to bed,
“Now I’m ruined!” she said,
Though the damage was barely detectable.

A certain inevitability

January 3, 2015

Young and innocent, though well developed,
She panted, she sighed, her heart galloped.
Her clothes fell away;
She would soon, come what may,
Be undone, his cock sweetly enveloped!

The rhythm of life

December 24, 2014

Young and innocent, blindly enamoured,
“I l… l… l… love you!” she stammered,
Her tits flapping round,
Her words drowned by the sound
Of her pussy (Thump! Slap!) being hammered!

Loss of innocence

June 13, 2014

At the point of (Sob! Gasp!) no return,
Beyond guilt, past religious concern,
Reckless now, lost to sin,
She begged “Put it all in!”
Though so innocent, eager to learn!

Thai girls

April 21, 2013

They’re magnificent women, the Thais,
Pretty faces, shy, innocent eyes,
And such gracefulness, poise!
Of course, many are boys,
Which does give one a little surprise!


November 4, 2011

Tears welled in her innocent eyes,
Her breasts heaved with her heart-broken sighs;
She’d been lied to and laid,
Been seduced and betrayed,
Love’s sweet juice still flowed warm down her thighs!

Copyright York Museums Trust / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Lost innocence

July 6, 2011

He cajoled and confused and caressed her,
Then slyly and slowly undressed her.
She tried to protest,
Did her innocent best,
But he calmly went on to molest her.