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Man’s best friend

January 1, 2019

She’s just standin’ there, cheeky damn bitch,
At the front door, not wearin’ a stitch!
And his best mate’s wife too!
If the poor bastard knew!
What the hell, though? A man ain’t no snitch.


November 22, 2018

“It was dark, boss. The window was foggy,”
He said, his suit muddy and soggy.
“I’d still bet my life,
Though, the broad was your wife,
An’ buck naked, an’ gettin’ it doggy!”

For better or for worse

October 29, 2018

Lucy’s husband, Fred, whom she adored,
Was a man e’er so tragically flawed.
While she cooked, cleaned and bred,
Kept him warm, nights, in bed,
The louse gambled, drank beer and whored!


October 25, 2018

His wife naked, her limbs intertwined,
With the man’s. He was startled to find,
Although caught in the act,
That he didn’t, in fact,
Feel angry, or even much mind!

The compromise

October 15, 2018

Though their marriage was fairly robust,
(Lots of sex, but not very much lust),
They both turned a blind eye
To stray roots, the odd lie,
As one might, to save pain, and so must.

The facts of life

July 10, 2018

“When one’s bored in one’s marriage, one cheats,”
Said her mother. “Some petty deceits
Are entailed, of course,
Lest it end in divorce.
And for God’s sake, do change the damn sheets!”

The jealous wife

April 4, 2018

There she was, wearin’ nary a stitch,
With my husband, the slutty damn bitch!
I said, aimin’ my gun,
“Dirty cunt! Havin’ fun?”
She said “Shoot me. Just scratchin’ an itch.”

Welcome doormat

February 22, 2017

He went back to her, cheated and lied,
And was welcomed with legs open wide.
Just a slut, to be lenient,
Bloody convenient
Though, for a bit on the side!



Father knows best

January 30, 2017

“Well, my son, she’s a beautiful bride,”
Said his dad, “but still, cast your net wide.
She’s a good fuck, I know;
Keep your eyes open, though,
For the chance of a bit on the side!”



Best man

November 15, 2016

On the honeymoon, as she undressed,
The young bride, feeling guilty, confessed
That she’d fucked the best man,
Once, by chance, not by plan,
And the groom might come off second best!