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Victim impact statement

October 18, 2018

Though she possibly over-reacted,
“BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP!” (Expletives redacted),
She shouted, in shock,
At the size of his cock,
And on which of her holes it impacted!

Slim pickings

September 10, 2018

Perky titties, and lean as a whippet.
Her skirt little more than a snippet
Attracting one’s gaze,
As one thought of the ways,
And the holes into which one might slip it!

The last straw

July 6, 2018

All her holes pretty much rubbed red-raw,
A late-comer joined in… the last straw!
She groaned “Right, guys, that’s it!
There’s no place he can fit!”
“Oh, come on!” they said. “Don’t be a bore!”

The rhythm method

March 6, 2016

At siesta (when nobody slumbers),
Her dance teacher (tangos and rumbas)
Continued her class;
1, 2, (cock up her arse),
3, (change holes), 4, 5 … All by the numbers!



Birthday present

October 21, 2015

They had markedly differing views
About which of her holes he could use;
Though her arse was taboo,
And her mouth, mostly, too,
On his birthday and such, he could choose.

Sleeping partner

December 23, 2014

“What a great arse! And such a sound sleeper!”
He thought, plunging into her deeper;
Nice tits, choice of holes,
Just like one of those dolls,
Or a proper girlfriend, only cheaper!


December 14, 2014

We get drunk. My mate’s girlfriend is there.
They start fucking. I say “That’s not fair,
I’ve got noone to screw!”
He says “You fuck her too.
She’s got plenty of holes. We can share!”

Suspended animation

September 13, 2013

A young lady he’d lately befriended,
Trussed, naked, now dangled, suspended,
Pink holes on display;
He could do what he may,
And pay later for services rendered.



Positions vacant

September 27, 2011

She no longer played games with her dolls;
She now dreamed about more grown-up roles.
She had quite decent breasts,
Enjoyed flirting with guests,
And had all the appropriate holes!