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Worked over

July 18, 2018

First a head job (well, throat fuck), then, finally,
Over an armchair, vaginally.
All fair enough,
But then once again, rough,
Up the arse, which annoyed her, though minorly.

Personal assistant

October 11, 2016

On her knees, at the bank where she works,
Her tits out, her head bobs, her hand jerks
On the manager’s lap;
Not a bad sort of chap;
It’s just one of his job’s little perks.









December 3, 2013

Peer pressure informed her the norm
Was to take off her clothes and perform,
To give head jobs to boys,
To compare and swap toys,
Sometimes buzzing still, sticky and warm!


April 7, 2013

Who’d have thought such a girl, so well-bred,
Could have met and, it seems, gone to bed,
With a man such as he,
His cock down to his knee!
How it even got into her head!