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October 29, 2018

She served drinks in a tavern and whored.
Shame and guilt she could hardly afford.
Just a sort of a life,
Till a mother and wife,
A fond dream she was working toward!

Withering on the vine

October 3, 2017

Though her look said distinctly come hither,
The damn fool continued to dither,
Beset, racked by guilt;
His cock started to wilt,
Even, possibly, worse still, to wither.


Tears and fears

January 19, 2017

She was tasty! Goddam finger-lickin’ !
“Go on, urged his mates. “Are you chicken?”
They’d all had a go,
And he wanted to, though,
When she’d cried, he’d felt sort of guilt-stricken.



The mourning after

June 16, 2016

Midst the tears, the drinking, the dirge,
The young widow fought back a wild urge
To have sex on the floor
With her brother-in-law,
Guilty lust, which her grief could not purge.

The tryst

November 11, 2015

Thursday lunchtime, their regular tryst.
She was naked already. They kissed,
Fucked. She got up to pee,
Made a nice cup of tea.
Risk, intrigue. And guilt. That’s what he missed.

Loss of innocence

June 13, 2014

At the point of (Sob! Gasp!) no return,
Beyond guilt, past religious concern,
Reckless now, lost to sin,
She begged “Put it all in!”
Though so innocent, eager to learn!

Without benefit of clergy

November 6, 2013

When he fucked her, she got quite enraged,
But her guilt pangs were somewhat asuaged,
Lying there in his bed,
Yes, he loved her, he said.
“Good!” she said. “Does this mean we’re engaged?”

Her heart’s not in it

June 10, 2013

He was sick of her ‘one days’ and ‘maybes’,
Her talk about God, guilt and babies;
And then, just last night,
She gave in, but took fright
About herpes and cancer and rabies!

Guilty pleasure

December 15, 2012

She’d been naughty, her master was strict.
She writhed, naked, his riding crop flicked
On her breasts and her thighs,
And, to no-one’s surprise,
Soon much more than her conscience was pricked.

But the flesh is weak

June 14, 2012

Though her flesh was hot, still, in her bones,
And despite her involuntary moans,
She still guiltily knew
That a girl shouldn’t do,
What a good girl till marriage postpones.