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September 25, 2018

His insistent demands grew so heated,
His groping so often repeated,
His hands up her dress,
On her tits! Her distress
So great…”God! Go on! Fuck me!” she bleated.


July 20, 2018

His hand groping her pussy, pulse quickening,
Hers on his cock, quickly thickening,
Hard to decide,
As he pushed it inside;
Was it scary, exciting or sickening?

Lust for power

October 14, 2017

Politicians, when out on the hustings,
Are subject to furious lustings
Awed young volunteers
At times brought to tears
By candidates’ gropings and thrustings!

Round 2

October 7, 2017

There was no use, she figured, in moping;
The kissing, the passionate groping
Had turned out alright.
Who knows? Maybe tonight
He might root her! Well, no harm in hoping.


October 5, 2017

When he fondled her cunt, she turned scarlet.
“Unhand me, thou lecherous varlet!”
The duchess exclaimed,
“Cad! Thou shouldst be ashamed!
Get thee gone, to some damned poxy harlot!”

Class distinction

October 29, 2016

Though she thought she looked terribly chic,
He reached down, gave her nipple a tweak,
Began groping her arse!
God! The man just lacked class!
Casting pearls before swine, so to speak.



Love, ostensibly

September 25, 2014

Getting drunk, passing out; not too sensible.
Groping her tits, reprehensible.
Yes, she was cute,
But to slip her a root,
Understandable, though indefensible!


May 20, 2013

She said “Let’s get it out in the open;
I don’t mind your squeezin’ and gropin’,
Your prick, always stiff.
Damn! Stick it in, if
It might lead to a weddin’, I’m hopin’.”