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August 10, 2017

Does God have to be goddamn supreme?
How much less of a god would he seem,
Not to know what she thinks,
If she smokes, fucks and drinks?
Would it ruin some bloody grand scheme?


Big Brother watching

June 14, 2017

Was there some great omniscient being,
She wondered; all-knowing, all-seeing,
Some eye in the sky,
Which, she thought, with a sigh,
Sat there smirking and watching her peeing?

The winds of change

June 6, 2017

God, one day, in a fit of afflatus,
Declared, “I shall alter man’s status!
A rib, that would do;
Make him something to screw.
Change that name, too … Homo masturbatus.



Girona Art Museum


The sins of the mother

May 29, 2017

God said no, but poor Kate wasn’t listening,
Legs spread, her young pussy glistening!
Lord! how she’d come!
“Wake up, girl!” called her Mum,
“We’ll be bloody well late for the christening!”


The apostate

February 23, 2017

Since she’d got over God, thoughts of hell,
She found life much more fun, truth to tell;
She’d go out, get a skinful,
Come over all sinful,
And get herself rooted, as well!




February 10, 2017

Wretched, treacherous, lecherous priest!
When she cried, his lust only increased!
In her prayers, she thanked God
That the randy old sod
Didn’t fuck her on Sundays at least.



Keep it simple

December 3, 2016

Sex as sacrament; rather mundane.
Leave out God, and embrace the profane.
Basic animal lust!
Invoke love, if you must,
But enjoy the fuck, don’t tax your brain!



Jumping the gun

September 13, 2016

They were both still a bit under-aged,
But in love, in their own minds engaged!
So God wouldn’t mind, surely,
Acting impurely,
Guilt, by this, neatly assuaged.



Too much information

September 5, 2016

Spare a thought for poor innocent Eve;
Did the talking snake mean to deceive?
Was he something like God?
That damn fruit did taste odd.
Who on earth should a woman believe?

So are we to the gods

August 4, 2016

Plunging into the nymph’s fleshly portal,
The god, Odin said with a chortle,
“This may take some time,
But will be quite sublime,
There’s┬áno hurry, of course. I’m immortal!”