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October 19, 2018

“”Yes, I promised to love and obey…
And I wouldn’t have fucked him. No way!
It was just some damn bloke!”
She said. “Kind of a joke…
And I just sucked his cock, like. Okay?”

By a process of deduction

September 23, 2018

She’d gone out to the pub and got plastered;
She woke up, her jeans still half-masted,
Her pussy awash!
“Strange,” she thought, then “Oh gosh!
That cute guy must have fucked me, the bastard!”

The goose and the gander

July 17, 2018

He was not so much pissing as hosing,
His organ distinctly imposing!
She shouldn’t have looked.
God! Her goose would be cooked,
When he fucked her with that! (Just supposing.)


July 14, 2018

Not to be thought a slut, she’d resisted,
Kicked, scratched, screamed and cursed, bucked and twisted;
All part of the game,
She’d been fucked all the same,
The best part, strange to say, being fisted!

Good faith

July 13, 2018

Being tied up and fucked is her kink,
(Much more common, you know, than you think!)
Though most men go along,
If it goes a bit wrong,
She says, sometimes one needs a stiff drink!

In uncertain light

July 10, 2018

God! She’d not even thought to enquire,
Half-drunk, by the flickering fire!
Well fucked, but by whom?
She’d been led to assume
By Sir Hugh, (but in fact by his squire!)

Beyond reasonable doubt

July 10, 2018

If he’d fucked her, that night, as she claimed,
(As he had), could a fellow be blamed?
She’d flashed tit in the bar,
Sucked his cock in the car;
Why was she not called out, named and shamed?


May 10, 2018

What on earth possessed God to construct
Such an orifice, cleverly tucked
Up between a girl’s thighs,
(Think of Adam’s surprise!)
If not, plainly, of course, to be fucked!

Room service

March 22, 2018

Giggling drunk, just back from the ballet,
She was fucked by the smarmy valet,
And two bell-boys as well,
At the Savoy Hotel,
In a rather unseemly melee.

Gordian knots

February 24, 2018

To have fucked her like that was damn spiteful.
The being tied up, too, just frightful!
Was she, though, to blame,
Since she had, to her shame,
Found the whole wretched saga delightful?