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Brotherly love

July 18, 2018

She slept naked and, when sound asleep,
Her unscrupulous brother would peep.
Sometimes, even, he’d touch!
Having dared, then, so much,
Fucked her too, sneaky, snivelling creep!

The whisky speaking

July 14, 2018

Her came onto her, some crude damn punk!
“Want a fuck?” he asked. “Yes, I am drunk,
So are you, though, no doubt,
And it’s screw, or miss out!”
“True enough”, she thought. “Okay.” Slam dunk!

Father knows best

July 11, 2018

“Fuck her pussy, then give her a flip,”
Said his Dad. “And son, don’t take no lip!
Do her butthole as well!
Though she’ll buck and she’ll yell,
God gave women them titties to grip!”

Brothers in arms

July 11, 2018

“Get her panties off. That’s half the battle!
Don’t waste time on small talk and prattle.”
His brother advised.
“While she’s actin’ surprised,
Fuck her hard, buddy, make her teeth rattle!”

Bending the rules

July 10, 2018

Now he’s tied her up, just for a game,
Spanked her, tickled her; all pretty tame,
(Which she liked, he could tell,)
Why not fuck her as well?
Damn! To not do would be such a shame!


July 9, 2018

Said her agent “It might not dismay
You to have to fuck me, but this may,
That you will have to screw
The photographer too,
If you want to be Penthouse Miss May.”


July 9, 2018

“Goddamn pussies are tough as damn teak!”
Said her Mom. “You can fuck for a week,
Squeeze out babies, get weird!
They just get dog-eared,
And maybe make cunt-farts and squeak.”



July 9, 2018

“It’s no use!” she exclaimed, in a whimper.
“Do something! Don’t stand there and simper!
What chance of a fuck,
When the more that I suck,
Your shrimp cock just gets smaller and limper?”


July 7, 2018

“God! Enough is enough!” she cried, heatedly.
“Fuck you!” he answered, conceitedly,
“Just this once more!”
As he’d told her before.
Fucking tireless bastard, repeatedly!


July 6, 2018

Flushed and panting, bedraggled, sweat-beaded,
“I’m coming! Don’t stop! Fuck!” she pleaded.
Well, no risk of that;
He kept going, flat chat,
Rather harder, in fact, than was needed.