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She had it coming

November 15, 2018

Served her right, more or less, she admitted,
Well-formed as she was, ample-titted,
For flirting like that,
To, in five minutes flat,
Have been face-down, arse-up, being spitted!

The rough and tumble

July 7, 2018

When she drank, she’d get loud, start to stumble,
Her prissy veneer would crumble;
She’d tell filthy jokes
And start flirting with blokes,
Grab their cocks, and say “Fancy a tumble?”

Brewer’s droop

November 5, 2017

Though the barmaid kept flirting and winking,
He went on, just steadily drinking.
The girl was damn cute;
She was up for a root,
But with each shot, his hard-on was shrinking.


November 25, 2016

Teasing, leading men on, shameless flirting,
Though naughty, she found quite diverting;
Come on, get them hard,
Leave them mentally scarred!
All good fun and, fuck, who was it hurting?



School days

October 19, 2016

Schoolgirls, giggling and flirting in hallways.
Their crushes last weeks, not for always.
Not love, the boys know;
They make up for it though,
Giving head and in other such small ways.



Diversionary tactic

February 18, 2015

“Dear chap,” she said, “Are you asserting
There’s some sort of harm in my flirting?
Good God! If, by luck,
I perhaps get a fuck,
It’s, at least, thank God, mildly diverting!”


Flirting with danger

January 24, 2014

Boys and girls, in their hormonal teens,
Know what flirting and dirty talk means;
A girl wiggles her arse,
Soon she’s down on the grass,
A boy’s hand down the front of her jeans!

Positions vacant

September 27, 2011

She no longer played games with her dolls;
She now dreamed about more grown-up roles.
She had quite decent breasts,
Enjoyed flirting with guests,
And had all the appropriate holes!

Ripe for picking

April 10, 2011

She was what you’d call ripe for the picking,
A nice girl, too nice to be sticking
Things into and hurting,
But she’d done the flirting,
And intimate biting and licking.