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A bird in the hand

December 30, 2018

Not so young. Twenty five in the shade.
Though he knows he’s been sucked in, been played,
(Flirting, flashing, the booze,)
What’s a bloke got to lose?
Pussy’s pussy. At least he’ll get laid!


March 10, 2017

Bored and horny, she lounged about idly,
Blouse gaping, her thighs parted widely;
He looked up, a glance.
“Better put on some pants,
Or your cunt might catch cold,” he said snidely.

It must be love

September 23, 2016

Hair a mess and scuffed shoes, quite unkempt,
But the boy about whom she had dreamt!
So she smiled, licked her lips,
Gave a flash of her nipps …
Fuck! A girl’s got to make some attempt!




September 18, 2016

“Well, a fuck’s pretty much in the bag,”
He presumed, then his plans hit a snag.
“I’ll be sixteen next week,”
She said, flashing a peek
Of her right boob. “Come on then, let’s shag!”



All in the family

December 10, 2015

She stands, dripping. He stares. Damn intrusive!
Her step-dad as well, so abusive!
Though, truth to admit,
It’s just this kind of shit,
To which flashing her tits is conducive.

If you’ve got it…

November 17, 2011

She has wonderful wobbly norks;
Her round bum wobbles too, when she walks.
If she catches the eye
Of a man passing by,
She might give him a flash, while he gawks!

Mr Brown’s wife

January 15, 2011

Mister Brown’s wife’s more forward than most:
Brown’s short-sighted and deaf as a post.
While she flirts with their guests
And exposes her breasts,
Brown smiles fondly and plays the good host.