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Pop goes the weasel

August 10, 2018

Flushed and wide-eyed, her pulse all aflutter,
“Be still, heart!” was all she could mutter.
He said “Should I stop?”
“Oh God! No!” … Then a POP!
In it slipped, like a hot knife through butter!

First love

July 9, 2018

“Well, of course, true, it’s not the worst fate,
To be fucked on one’s very first date,
Just a jolly surprise!”
She said, love in her eyes.
“And the root, I must say, was first-rate!”

Prom night

July 7, 2018

In the cold of the night, breasts tight-budded,
Eyes brimming, goose-pimpled, She shuddered.
Her first time and all!
Up against this brick wall,
Her dress ruined, uncaring, cold-blooded.

La liberté

March 20, 2018

Though not one to be too sentimental,
He said “Dear girl, I’ll be gentle,
Me being your first…”
“Fuck,” she said. “Do your worst!
I don’t give a goddamn continental!”


March 19, 2018

“Not a bad try, but room to improve,”
She said. “Stick your dick in the groove…
Now, slide down… Not that far!
Back a bit… There you are.
Now push. Harder! For fuck’s sake, boy! Move!”

First impression

February 13, 2018

Not too awful, she had to confess:
Not much bleeding, no tears, no stress.
She’d quite liked her first fuck.
(Maybe sheer dumb luck).
“A bit slutty”, she thought, “though, I guess!”

Moral dilemma

March 2, 2017

She began to get flustered and stressed,
Once he’d kissed her, and fondled her breast.
Should she give him a suck?
Would he still want to fuck?
Should she go home, or just get undressed?



Mrs Robinson

March 1, 2017

She’s just rooted the young chap next door;
Very nice, too. She’ll be back for more!
His first time, he’ll recall …
Older woman and all!
Helping out, that’s what neighbours are for!



Ignorance is bliss

December 31, 2016

Still naive, to a certain extent,
Not quite certain, in fact, where it went,
Just “down there”, more or less,
But content to say yes,
To his question, whatever it meant!




December 23, 2016

He kept saying he loved her. She pouted,
And said, if he did which she doubted,
She’d never have known it,
The way that he’d shown it,
And sex, too, not all it was touted.