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Summer of love

July 4, 2018

She was fifteen. Her name was… what? Julie?
Age, names didn’t bug us unduly.
Free love, lots of weed…
Well, what more did we need?
She had nice tits. She smelled of patchouli.

The madam

June 12, 2018

Just fifteen when she went on the game,
Now she owned her own house of ill fame.
She still screwed the odd john,
Just to be, like, hands-on;
Plus se change, the more ever the same!

Soon enough

January 7, 2013

“Cheer up!” she exclaimed, with a laugh,
And stop mooning about like a calf;
We can root soon enough,
All that other rude stuff,
And I’m almost fifteen and a half!”

Teen Couple Kissing

Cool at school

April 12, 2011

These days sex starts before you leave school,
About fifteen or so, as a rule:
If you’re asked for a screw,
And your girlfriends all do,
To say no would be lame, and not cool.