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October 14, 2018

Finger-fucking her tight little slit…
Two! Three! Four! She gasps! God! They all fit!
Now she’s making a fist!
Plunge it in to the wrist…
Though it’s like her poor pussy will split!

Come what may

August 30, 2018

Though she hadn’t yet come, when he came,
“If you don’t come,” he said, “who’s to blame?
Don’t mean nothin’ to me.
Use your finger, maybe!”
Second-best, but she did, all the same.

Fuzzy bare

July 29, 2018

Her shaved pussy had sprouted some fuzz;
When she touched it, it gave her a buzz.
It might not look so cute,
When it came to a root,
But she’d just please herself (which she does!)


July 10, 2018

Fingers flying and moaning, heart drumming,
Her pearly young clitoris thrumming,
Yes! Yes! No, not quite!
She at last got it right,
And was gushingly, blushingly cumming!

Doing the dirty

May 10, 2018

She could act quite the slut, when it suited,
Get drunk, flash her tits and get rooted.
Most nights, in fact, though,
If asked out, she said no,
And stayed home and, like, just self-polluted.

Golf widow

March 5, 2018

A golf widow, a bit of a nutter,
Thought “Fuck him! I’ll fuck with his putter!”
She stole it that night,
And took wicked delight,
Getting off on it, greased with some butter!

Jack and Jill

February 26, 2018

As the day dragged on, stifling a yawn,
“Serves me right, staying up until dawn,”
She thought. “Wish I’d been drunk,
Getting screwed by some hunk,
Not at home, jilling off, watching porn!”


October 12, 2017

When she touched herself there , it felt prickly.
“Oh God! That’s so good!” she said thickly.
A beautiful itch!
Made her sob, made her twitch,
And she came, with a cry, all too quickly!


September 24, 2017

The school mistress, in secret, enjoys,
Late at night, getting off with her toys;
Dreams of lads in her class,
Up her pussy and arse!
Such big cocks! And such naughty young  boys!



Creative play

September 20, 2017

In their horny post-pubertal crisis,
Girls, left to their own cute devices,
Stick things in their twat,
Carrots, heaven knows what,
Barbie dolls! Or a finger suffices.