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Losing face

September 19, 2017

Although prom queen, the belle of the ball,
There she was, at the back of the hall,
Kneeling, copping a faceful!
Of course, quite disgraceful,
Though less so, his cock being small.

Poetry in motion

August 4, 2017

Her big, pendulous boobs bounced and bobbled,
Her moon-cheeked, plump arse twitched and wobbled,
Her hair brushed his thighs
As, with love in her eyes,
And his cock in her cake-hole, she gobbled!


May 30, 2017

Champagne, canapés, all very swanky,
The hostess herself, though, quite skanky!
She sucked off a waiter,
Though, daintily, later,
She spat in a little lace hankie.

Good housekeeping

March 19, 2017

She’d have done this before, was his guess.
“Hold my drink, I’ll slip out of this dress.
Saves dry-cleaning”, she said,
Then knelt down, gave him head,
Swallowed too, maybe just to save mess.


March 2, 2017

Mama told her “Child, learn the fandango.”
“Maybe,” she replied. “Where’s the mango?”
“Your mouth,” said her her mum,
“Or your pussy or bum,
Anywhere that he wants to, or can go!”





Re: Capitulation

December 8, 2016

“Though you marriage may be somewhat dull,”
Said her lawyer, “the grounds to annul,
Sadly do not include
One’s just not being screwed
As one wants. Get it into your skull!”



Beads and trinkets

December 1, 2016

For a necklace, some such gaudy trinket,
She might … but no! Don’t even think it!
To suck’s bad enough,
But to swallow the stuff!
In a wine glass, would anyone drink it?



School days

October 19, 2016

Schoolgirls, giggling and flirting in hallways.
Their crushes last weeks, not for always.
Not love, the boys know;
They make up for it though,
Giving head and in other such small ways.



Infra dig

October 13, 2016

Once undressed, though intrigued at first vastly,
She found having sex simply ghastly;
Undignified, base,
The man’s breath in her face,
And the taste of his cock, worst and lastly!



Personal assistant

October 11, 2016

On her knees, at the bank where she works,
Her tits out, her head bobs, her hand jerks
On the manager’s lap;
Not a bad sort of chap;
It’s just one of his job’s little perks.