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Virtual reality

July 9, 2018

Her soft tits, her lips, so real-seeming!
Oh shit! Not again! Only dreaming.
He sobbed, as he lay,
His mind stuck on REPLAY,
And his hard little penis live-streaming!

Fairy-tale ending

May 3, 2018

Pretty weird! She’s dressed as Snow-White …
Kinky, yeah? Still, it’s been a slow night,
And she’s there, being screwed
By this little fat dude…
What a giggle! (She doesn’t, though, quite.)

Worst comes to worst

July 27, 2017

She woke suddenly, gasping. She tensed.
There was somebody near, she sensed!
Some vile chap. Even chaps!
Who might rape her perhaps!
Which, in fact, she had nothing against.

Sight for sore eyes

April 3, 2017

Lovely bosom, well-rounded behind;
Well, a fellow would have to be blind,
Not to stare, just a bit,
Not get hard, not admit
To the thoughts such an arse brought to mind!

The interpretation of dreams

September 29, 2016

Naked, soon to be raped, it would seem,
Her eyes fixed on the knife’s wicked gleam …
Then the blade at her throat,
And she screamed! On that note,
She woke, hot, drenched with sweat. Just a dream!



It must be love

September 23, 2016

Hair a mess and scuffed shoes, quite unkempt,
But the boy about whom she had dreamt!
So she smiled, licked her lips,
Gave a flash of her nipps …
Fuck! A girl’s got to make some attempt!



Agents provocateurs

May 5, 2016

It’s a justification, of sorts,
For occasional wishful, rude thoughts,
That girls walk round the shops,
Tits half out of their tops,
In those tight, pussy-hugging short shorts!

Humidy and tumidity

July 15, 2015

He watched, hidden; a perfumed mist swathed
Him and her both, like sweat, as she bathed.
He did things, in his mind,
Of the nastiest kind.
She emerged, nonetheless, quite unscathed!

Yielding not to temptation

May 31, 2014

Sister Frances just went through the motions,
Still prey, though she prayed, to vile notions;
If only they knew!
It was all she could do,
Not to touch herself during devotions!

The contemplative life

November 18, 2013

Sister Catherine, wimpled and sandaled,
Though frequently fingered and candled,
(Such shameful delight),
Still lay sleepless at night,
Racked by thoughts about being manhandled!