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Opportunity knocking

October 17, 2018

He got hard when they kissed. Not surprising;
Impressively so, no disguising!
She thought “My, oh my!
Well, I’ve found my new guy…
A good sort, and I’m also upsizing!”


August 16, 2018

He thought foreplay was much over-rated,
The turning her on, while he waited,
All too bloody much,
The cunt-licking and such,
While his throbbing erection deflated!

Apprehending the truth

July 31, 2018

She undressed. His cock stood to attention!
It filled her with great apprehension.
It filled her alright!
Good and hard, Good and tight,
Pretty plainly, of course, his intention!


July 20, 2018

His hand groping her pussy, pulse quickening,
Hers on his cock, quickly thickening,
Hard to decide,
As he pushed it inside;
Was it scary, exciting or sickening?


July 11, 2018

Smitten, awestruck, enraptured, she gazed,
By excess of desire quite crazed,
As his penis unfurled,
Rampant, droplet be-pearled,
Like the leg of a beast, God be praised!

Frill-necked lizard

July 11, 2018

“Well then! What have we here?” (Eyes twinkling.)
“My goodness! So big!” She laughed, (tinkling).
“Good Lord! Bigger still!”
She cried, tickling its frill,
As his penis continued unwrinkling!

Waste not, want not

September 20, 2017

“Look!” he said “What a handsome erection!
Don’t pout. It’s a sign of affection,
Lust. Heavens above!
At a stretch, even love!
So let’s fuck! If you have no objection!”

Not only but also

June 15, 2017

When they kiss, his cock stirs and expands,
Which, of course, the poor girl understands,
At her parents’ front door,
In his car … he wants more …
As she fends off his wandering hands!



Sight for sore eyes

April 3, 2017

Lovely bosom, well-rounded behind;
Well, a fellow would have to be blind,
Not to stare, just a bit,
Not get hard, not admit
To the thoughts such an arse brought to mind!


March 20, 2017

The IT girl his start-up’s recruited
He met at some bar and he rooted,
And just now again,
And again, if and when
He can get his damn hard drive rebooted!