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The whisky speaking

July 14, 2018

Her came onto her, some crude damn punk!
“Want a fuck?” he asked. “Yes, I am drunk,
So are you, though, no doubt,
And it’s screw, or miss out!”
“True enough”, she thought. “Okay.” Slam dunk!

Party games

July 11, 2018

Pretty drunk, she just lay, glassy-eyed,
Pussy dribbling a bit, open wide.
He unbuttoned his pants.
Well, why pass up the chance?
Not too lively, but still, a free ride!

In uncertain light

July 10, 2018

God! She’d not even thought to enquire,
Half-drunk, by the flickering fire!
Well fucked, but by whom?
She’d been led to assume
By Sir Hugh, (but in fact by his squire!)

The rough and tumble

July 7, 2018

When she drank, she’d get loud, start to stumble,
Her prissy veneer would crumble;
She’d tell filthy jokes
And start flirting with blokes,
Grab their cocks, and say “Fancy a tumble?”

The rough with the smooth

May 7, 2018

Her upbringing was godly and stuffy;
She came home, though, drunk, eyelids puffy,
A just-rooted grin,
Having opted to sin,
And, by choice, with boys rowdy and scruffy!

Showing her cards

March 29, 2018

Despite his mates’ ragging and scoffing,
He judged, by the wine she was quaffing,
(A bottle so far),
And not wearing a bra,
There was likely a root in the offing.

Tickling her fancy

March 28, 2018

Giggling drunk, about three-quarters pickled,
Her pussy squelched softly and trickled,
Each step of the way;
Yep, she would have to say,
She’d been proper and good slapped and tickled!

Catch a falling star

March 13, 2018

He resembled somebody quite eerily,
(Much as she saw him just blearily).
Famous or not,
He was pretty damn hot!
“Want a fuck?” (Just in case), she said cheerily.


March 11, 2018

Slightly drunk. half-undressed, she reclined.
He suggested a root. She declined,
Not from meanness or spite,
But then said “Oh, alright”,
Out of boredom, or just to be kind.

Bilges awash

October 1, 2017

He was drunk, and his cock was half floppy.
So horny, her pussy was soppy!
Whatever his name,
His damn cum, when he came,
Made the whole thing decidedly sloppy!