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Bilges awash

October 1, 2017

He was drunk, and his cock was half floppy.
So horny, her pussy was soppy!
Whatever his name,
His damn cum, when he came,
Made the whole thing decidedly sloppy!

No regrets

May 29, 2017

Though, of course, she’d been thoroughly plastered,
He did take advantage, the bastard!
She could have said no,
Perhaps should have, although
It was fucking good fun, while it lasted!

Passing muster

March 22, 2017

The men covered up ever so cleverly;
(Christ! The brass did come down heavily!)
Beds always made,
Never drunk on parade,
Local sluts out of huts before reveille!

Saying what she means

February 27, 2017

So, it seemed she’d disgraced herself utterly;
Got drunk and acted damn sluttily.
Just a small lapse,
Still, she might have, perhaps,
Got her message across, though, more subtly.





Waste not, want not

January 25, 2017

The poor girl! Passed out, pissed as a newt!
Panties showing. Those tits! She’s damn cute.
She’s so cheeky and flirty,
She wouldn’t get shirty,
He hoped, if he slipped her a root.




Things that go bump in the night

January 19, 2017

Some damn chap into whom she had bumped,
At the bar, perhaps? Still, she was stumped,
Though she gave not a toss,
But remained at a loss,
As to how, or by whom she’d been humped!




January 18, 2017

He’d come home most nights already plastered,
And fuck her for hours, the bastard!
He’d loved her, no doubt,
Then the money ran out.
“Well,” she thought, ” it was fun while it lasted!”




December 18, 2016

Naked, giggling, affected by drink,
On the pool table! “What do you think?”
Said the guy with the cue.
“What’s a fella to do?
Which to pot first? The brown or the pink?”



Makin’ bacon

September 6, 2016

One less drink might have just saved her bacon,
Good sense though, alas, long forsaken,
She acted the whore,
An impression, what’s more,
In which, sadly, she wasn’t mistaken!”

Saying it with roses

August 31, 2016

Led, poor girl, down the old garden path.
Champagne, rose petals strewn in the bath;
In her languorous mood,
Well, of course she was screwed,
Drunk and naked, in front of the hearth!