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July 11, 2018

Smitten, awestruck, enraptured, she gazed,
By excess of desire quite crazed,
As his penis unfurled,
Rampant, droplet be-pearled,
Like the leg of a beast, God be praised!

Nipped in the bud

May 15, 2018

Girls, come puberty, soon as they bloom,
Await mostly the same pleasant doom;
To be noticed by men,
And desired, and then
Be deflowered; who knows, though, by whom?

The fire

March 29, 2015

She moans, writhing, heart pounding, hands clenched,
But the crotch of her panties is drenched!
Let him do what he will!
Let him not stop until
Her wild, burning desire is quenched!

Slips of the tongue

October 29, 2014

Caution, care to the winds long since flung,
She to small shreds of dignity clung;
Naked, racked by desire,
Her pussy on fire,
Soft nips, teasing slips of the tongue!


April 9, 2014

Motherhood is a thing to aspire to,
Consequent, some nine months prior, to
Fucking a man
(More than once, if one can),
Though some women have little desire to.

The modest maiden

June 30, 2011

She was modest; could not have been shyer,
Yet burned with erotic desire,
And, sleepless at night,
In excitement and fright,
Her heart raced as she’d moan and perspire.

Dark thoughts

March 23, 2011

To us all come dark thoughts and unbidden,
Unspoken, consuming, but hidden,
Of old taboos broken,
And strange desires woken,
Of acts and relations forbidden.