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Nipped in the bud

May 15, 2018

Girls, come puberty, soon as they bloom,
Await mostly the same pleasant doom;
To be noticed by men,
And desired, and then
Be deflowered; who knows, though, by whom?


January 8, 2018

Though voluptuous, rather a child,
She was easily charmed and beguiled;
Flattered, wildly impressed,
She was swiftly undressed,
And deflowered, debauched and defiled!

A warm day in a punt

November 15, 2015

Though her parents were watchful and doting,
One Sunday, at Oxford, out boating,
A fellow called Howard, her
Cousin, deflowered her,
Both, of course, secretly gloating!

The way of the world

October 16, 2013

Not deflowered, but bloody well-nigh;
Violated, she couldn’t tell why,
And her folks wouldn’t care,
Though, of course, quite unfair,
Which dark wayside the poor girl fell by.

Wide eyes and wide thighs

March 27, 2013

‘Twas a thing to astound and bewilder!
The way that it grew! How it filled her!
Yet half, still, to go!
Quite impossible … though
She’d yet take it all in, if it killed her!

Parlour games

February 23, 2013

In the dark, from somewhere on the couch,
A sweet, girlish, young voice exclaimed “Ouch!”
Had she been overpowered?
Perhaps been deflowered?
Some carnal adventure, I’ll vouch!

cuddle 2


August 17, 2012

By the god of her fathers forsaken,
She stared at the mirror, still shaken;
Still dripping, deflowered,
But, after she showered,
She thought such misgivings mistaken.

The upshot

June 11, 2012

From besotted, bemused and beguiled,
To deflowered, debauched and defiled;
Now the object of scorn,
Pouting, moody, withdrawn,
(If he only had!), heavy with child!


The flower of youth

January 22, 2012

He deflowered her, one should explain,
Lest she otherwise always remain
Virgin, ruing the day;
Now at least she could say
She’d loved once, which was only humane.


May 26, 2011

With the roses, with which he had showered her,
Slowly, the rogue overpowered her
Shy disposition,
Her meek inhibition,
And dazzled, debauched and deflowered her.