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January 8, 2018

Though voluptuous, rather a child,
She was easily charmed and beguiled;
Flattered, wildly impressed,
She was swiftly undressed,
And deflowered, debauched and defiled!


January 3, 2015

The soiree became rather debauched;
Wenches whipped, raped, their pubic hair torched!
The old Marquis de Sade
And his friends partied hard.
Poor whores, underpaid, played with andĀ scorched!

The upshot

June 11, 2012

From besotted, bemused and beguiled,
To deflowered, debauched and defiled;
Now the object of scorn,
Pouting, moody, withdrawn,
(If he only had!), heavy with child!



May 26, 2011

With the roses, with which he had showered her,
Slowly, the rogue overpowered her
Shy disposition,
HerĀ meek inhibition,
And dazzled, debauched and deflowered her.