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November 3, 2018

On the stage, the entrancing young stripper
Enticingly pulled down her zipper…
Arse cheeks like full moons,
Tits like down-filled balloons,
And a cunt like a kid leather slipper!

The charlatan

October 18, 2018

The sly preacher proclaimed she’d be cured
By faith, and his seminal fluid.
They prayed, she undressed;
She was orally blessed,
And her cunt sacramentally skewered!

The cuckold

October 14, 2018

His wife’s favours, with which she was sparing,
He relished , when offered, past caring,
‘Twixt passion and gloom,
Never thinking with whom
Her soft breasts, her warm cunt, he was sharing.


August 16, 2018

He thought foreplay was much over-rated,
The turning her on, while he waited,
All too bloody much,
The cunt-licking and such,
While his throbbing erection deflated!


July 20, 2018

She undressed and he tried not to stare;
His first negress! Black nipples, tight hair,
Shiny, licorice skin,
(Musky pink still,within,
And a cunt like a chocolate eclair!

The balance of evidence

July 15, 2018

She made love with commendable zeal;
What’s more, too, to judge by her squeal,
Her twitching and such,
And her cunt’s spastic clutch,
Her orgasm was possibly real.


May 8, 2018

It occasioned a bit of a scuffle;
Her cunt smelled of nutmeg and truffle.
Nice mouth-feel too,
Mushroom-meaty to chew,
And well worth the ensuing kerfuffle!



His pound of flesh

May 6, 2018

In the end, he became quite irate.
“Since you’re charging me such a high rate”,
He roared. “ Bugger the licks,
And your clever damn tricks,
Get your cunt on my cock and gyrate!”



The jealous wife

April 4, 2018

There she was, wearin’ nary a stitch,
With my husband, the slutty damn bitch!
I said, aimin’ my gun,
“Dirty cunt! Havin’ fun?”
She said “Shoot me. Just scratchin’ an itch.”


March 22, 2018

Having looked from in front and behind,
Which best fit, as to gender assigned?
He or she has big tits,
A nice cunt, he admits,
But a cock too? It boggles his mind!