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The jealous wife

April 4, 2018

There she was, wearin’ nary a stitch,
With my husband, the slutty damn bitch!
I said, aimin’ my gun,
“Dirty cunt! Havin’ fun?”
She said “Shoot me. Just scratchin’ an itch.”


March 22, 2018

Having looked from in front and behind,
Which best fit, as to gender assigned?
He or she has big tits,
A nice cunt, he admits,
But a cock too? It boggles his mind!


February 7, 2018

She’d said yes, and though not one to welch,
Still, her pussy was starting to squelch!
With each stroke of the cock
Of each bloke came the shock
Of a croak from her cunt, like a belch!


January 9, 2018

She remained still naive and complacent,
Her sweet sexuality nascent,
The treacherous bloke
Switched his target mid-stroke
From her cunt to the hole just adjacent!

Seeing is believing!

December 13, 2017

The chap’s penis, commendably stiff,
Was so huge, one was led to doubt if,
Well, to be rather blunt,
It would fit in her cunt!
But it did.  ruinedpussy.gif


The bride and her mother

October 19, 2017

The poor tearful bride told her mother:
“You said it was bad, but oh brother!
My cunt, in the first place,
Like, wasn’t the worst place,
But God! Did it hurt in the other!”


October 5, 2017

When he fondled her cunt, she turned scarlet.
“Unhand me, thou lecherous varlet!”
The duchess exclaimed,
“Cad! Thou shouldst be ashamed!
Get thee gone, to some damned poxy harlot!”

Learning the ropes

July 11, 2017

Just a cabin-girl, plenty to learn,
The First Mate’s lewd demands hard to spurn.
“First your fo’c’sle”, (up front),
He said, meaning her cunt,
After which, he then fucked her astern!

Local yokel

June 30, 2017

Just a hay-seed, a bumpkin, a yokel,
The only cock, though, that was local.
They fucked in the barn;
Dark and dirty, but darn!
She was slippery-cunted and vocal!

Moulting pussy

March 23, 2017

Something’s wrong with her cunt. Is she moulting?
A few straggly hairs… it’s revolting!
The rest of her’s good;
He could fuck her. He should,
But, in fact, he just feels like bolting!