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The bride stripped bare

July 13, 2018

In the honeymoon suite, while undressing,
She said to herself, “Well, I’m guessing,
He’ll want his root now,
But he’s drunk, anyhow,
And might not get it up. What a blessing!”

For better or worse

May 22, 2018

Well, he’s certainly unprepossessing,
She thought, while the groom was undressing,
Except for his cock!
The young bride gasped in shock,
And then fainted, (in fact quite a blessing!)


August 9, 2016

Naked, shy, the bride’s beauty unveiled,
Beside whom all other girls paled!
Her love in her eyes,
Open arms, parted thighs,
And in ten seconds flat, she’d been nailed!



A mother’s encouragement

July 21, 2016

Could sex be quite as bad as it sounded?
Her mother’s words left her confounded!
What? Pinned to the bed
By her husband, she’d said,
Her poor cunt being pummelled and pounded!

Carried over the threshold

June 3, 2013

Just the semblance remained of normality.
Marriage, love, sex, the totality,
All said and done,
Just rolled on, once begun!
Being fucked was a mere formality!

Simon Bolz,

Honeymoon postcard

November 24, 2012

Her big day; the church thing, the confetti!
She didn’t want, now, to seem petty,
Sprawled there, on the sheet,
Consummation complete.
“Was that it?” she thought, grumpy and sweaty.


September 5, 2012

She awaited the sound of his tread,
As she lay in the marital bed,
Half in dread, half in awe,
Knowing what lay in store,
Her eyes closed, naked, weeping, legs spread.