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October 16, 2017

All those lovely taboos it defied!
She was tempted, but couldn’t decide.
It seemed shameful, and yet …
Just the thought made her wet!
“Oh God! Bugger me! Yes. Please!” she said.

Conjugal relations

October 16, 2017

Woman’s lot, she thought, mutely resigned.
To not let him would seem too unkind.
Just a five minute chore,
Just a fuck, nothing more,
She smiled. Yep. Same old same daily grind.


October 16, 2017

One must say, in the poor girl’s defence,
His damn penis was simply immense,
So she told him “No, thank you.
I’ll suck you or wank you,
Not fuck you though.” Just common sense!



Video referee

October 16, 2017

“Yes! Oh God! Fuck!” (Incomprehensible)
Coming, eyes rolled up, insensible.
All on the tape …
Does it constitute rape
To keep fucking her, though reprehensible?

Getting a grip on herself

October 15, 2017

As his grip on her steadily tightened,
She started to get a bit frightened.
He’d made her undress,
Why, she still couldn’t guess,
But would soon, it would seem, be enlightened!

An idea before its time

October 11, 2017

She teased “Come on! You want to. Own up!”
How their sly, naughty game had blown up!
His cock achingly stiff,
As she stroked it. God! If …
Were she only a bit more grown-up!

Rank and privilege

October 9, 2017

Such a gentleman, rather exalted,
His manners could not have been faulted,
And yet, pretty much,
Though not raped, not as such,
She’d been fucking well fucking assaulted!

The burden of responsibility

September 27, 2017

Little cupcake breasts, ponytail, fringe;
His lewd thought might make other men cringe.
She was legal, she claimed.
Did he feel ashamed?
Racked with guilt? Well, okay, just a twinge.

Waste not, want not

September 20, 2017

“Look!” he said “What a handsome erection!
Don’t pout. It’s a sign of affection,
Lust. Heavens above!
At a stretch, even love!
So let’s fuck! If you have no objection!”

No pity for piety

September 19, 2017

She was pretty, though pious and saintly,
A virgin at eighteen still, quaintly.
Two drinks, more or less,
Got her out of her dress,
While she protested, ever more faintly.