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A grey area

August 14, 2018

“Want a fuck?” he says. “Yeah. In your dreams!”
Then he squeezes her tits, and she screams!
So, of course, he lets go.
Did she mean like “yeah, no”?
More like, maybe, just no. So it seems.

Verbal contract

July 22, 2018

He was giving her helluva grinding!
She didn’t seem, though, to be minding.
She loved it, he’d guess,
But although she’d said yes,
He just hoped her agreement was binding!

Behind closed doors

July 20, 2018

The door locked,not much chance of escape!
Stunned and speechless, she stood mouth agape,
As he ripped off her dress!
Though she might have said yes,
Having not, it was pretty much rape.

The lay of the land

July 19, 2018

“Well”, she said, as she fiddled and fussed
With her petticoats, “likely, I trust,
You’ll be wanting a root.
So, get out of that suit,
And get on with it then, if you must!”

Full of himself

July 19, 2018

His great cock, in itself was impressive!
No need to have been so aggressive;
She wanted it too!
But then, what could she do?
To be raped, more or less, seemed excessive!


July 14, 2018

Not to be thought a slut, she’d resisted,
Kicked, scratched, screamed and cursed, bucked and twisted;
All part of the game,
She’d been fucked all the same,
The best part, strange to say, being fisted!

The whisky speaking

July 14, 2018

Her came onto her, some crude damn punk!
“Want a fuck?” he asked. “Yes, I am drunk,
So are you, though, no doubt,
And it’s screw, or miss out!”
“True enough”, she thought. “Okay.” Slam dunk!

Reasonable doubt

July 13, 2018

She was sexy as hell, though not clever.
She’d never had sex! Never! Ever!
He said “Well, you should!
Sex is awful damn good!”
And she answered “Yeah. No. Yeah. Whatever!

A grain of truth

July 12, 2018

If I do, will he then think the less o’ me?
Won’t his big cock make a mess o’ me?
Maybe, she’d guess,
Still, she gives in, says yes,
And gets starkers, and spreads! Open sesame!

In uncertain light

July 10, 2018

God! She’d not even thought to enquire,
Half-drunk, by the flickering fire!
Well fucked, but by whom?
She’d been led to assume
By Sir Hugh, (but in fact by his squire!)