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Come what may

August 30, 2018

Though she hadn’t yet come, when he came,
“If you don’t come,” he said, “who’s to blame?
Don’t mean nothin’ to me.
Use your finger, maybe!”
Second-best, but she did, all the same.

Cherry blossom time

August 1, 2018

Cherry popped… and, of course, she’d survived!
They both laughed a bit, joked and high-fived.
“Did you come?”
She said “Yes,
And I guess, more or less,
If I ain’t coming still, I’ve arrived!”


October 20, 2017

As they fucked through the hot afternoon,
So exhausted, she thought she might swoon,
Body dripping with sweat,
And he hadn’t come yet!
Dear God, she prayed, let him come soon!

His money’s worth

July 11, 2017

Every Saturday night he would lollop
Away into town, to some trollop,
Some tart half his age,
Which would cost his week’s wage,
In and on whom he’d come by the dollop!

Don’t ask

July 5, 2017

If she’d come, or was possibly feigning,
The girl on the bed was explaining,
She couldn’t quite say,
But be that as it may
It had made the fuck more entertaining!

The sins of the mother

May 29, 2017

God said no, but poor Kate wasn’t listening,
Legs spread, her young pussy glistening!
Lord! how she’d come!
“Wake up, girl!” called her Mum,
“We’ll be bloody well late for the christening!”


The naive and sentimental lover

May 5, 2016

There’s this thing about screwing I hate;
When she comes, starts to moan and gyrate,
Getting off on my prick.
I’m like, what’s with this chick?
Be my guest! Come some more, while I wait!

Rush hour

December 27, 2015

For some reason she couldn’t explain,
She was horny. Resistance was vain!
She’d come twice with┬áher hand …
Would that man understand,
And just root her, right there on the train?

The dregs of life

October 4, 2015

Being old sucks! One does bear a grudge.
Rub one’s cock, and the thing doesn’t budge!
One can’t come like before;
The damn prettiest whore
Can’t get out of one more than some sludge!

Back seat driver

May 20, 2015

She sat up, poured herself a reviver.
His come, pussy juice, his saliva
Dripped out of her cunt.
She said “Get back in front.
You can take me home now, thank you, driver!”