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Cherry blossom time

October 17, 2018

She was sixteen, no longer a kid,
Cherry something of which to be rid.
That cute guy at the gym,
She could lose it with him…
Could…might…would… in fact, did!

Cherry blossom time

August 1, 2018

Cherry popped… and, of course, she’d survived!
They both laughed a bit, joked and high-fived.
“Did you come?”
She said “Yes,
And I guess, more or less,
If I ain’t coming still, I’ve arrived!”

Looking on the bright side

September 19, 2016

Though seduced and abandoned, deceived,
In a way, she was sort of relieved;
Cherry out of the way,
And the fuck was okay.
Still she was just a little bit peeved.



The oral tradition

June 9, 2016

Still a virgin, to fuck meant disgrace!
Not her pussy then, some other place.
Being hard-pressed to choose,
It seemed better to lose
Not her cherry, but only some face!

Cherry picking

May 20, 2016

She seemed not to mind too much undressing;
A virgin, perhaps, he was guessing,
A bit shy, not very,
And losing her cherry
Not something she found too distressing.

Rite of passage

December 8, 2015

Cherry popped, she felt changed, somehow girlier,
Tits firmer, pubic hair curlier,
Flirty, not shy,
Mildly wondering why
She’d not got herself rooted much earlier!

Cherry harvest

November 30, 2015

Teenage girls seem to come with a use-by date,
Stamped on their arse, “Cherry lose-by date”.
Anxious to screw,
They don’t worry much who;
They want cock, be it how big or whose by fate!

The scale of things

July 3, 2015

“I’d have done it before, if I’d known!”
She said, “Shit, it beats wanking alone!”
“So, was losing my cherry
Traumatic? Not very.
Much less, say, than losing my phone!”

The gift that keeps on giving

June 11, 2013

It was naughty, of course, but not very;
Their Christmas would be oh so merry!
On Christmas Eve night,
(She rubbed, squirmed with delight),
She would let the sweet boy pop her cherry!


March 15, 2012

She was plum, she was cherry and ripe,
A dumb girl, who believed all the hype,
All the lies of the guys,
So it’s no great surprise
That she sold herself cheap, true to type.