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December 28, 2018

God! How long could a bloody root take?
Chafed and sweaty, legs starting to shake,
His thighs slapping her bum…
Would the man never come?
Would he not even take a damn break?

In vino veritas

December 7, 2018

She woke, naked, and covered with goo,
Squirted, splattered by goodness knows who,
On a damp, smelly bed,
Squishy pussy, sore head,
And thought “God! What on earth did I do?”


October 24, 2018

With the knotted ropes chafing and burning,
Nude, dangling, exposed, twisting, turning,
His cock in her bum,
She once more did the sum…
Was it worth more than what she was earning?

Pause for thought

July 16, 2018

In her pussy (most times), or her bum,
Or her mouth, pretty often. (Well, yum!)
Am I just, she thought, sceptical,
Some damn receptacle,
Some place to empty his cum?

Hello sailor

July 10, 2018

“”Hello sailor!” The tart called. “Ahoy!”
He walked over, surprisingly coy.
“You got such a nice bum,”
He said. “Lovely for some.
What a pity you ain’t a nice boy!”

Sticky situation

December 13, 2017

It was late, she’d drunk way too much booze;
She curled up on a lounge for a snooze.
She woke up, tits and bum
Sticky, smeared with cum,
At a loss to know, sadly though, whose.

Now she tells us!

June 12, 2017

Tits and bum smooth and round, hemispherical!
Nice! Just a trifle hysterical,
Know what I mean?
After being so keen,
Her concerns, it seems, mostly numerical.



Square root

June 3, 2017

Said his Dad, “Lad, a good rule of thumb,
Is to line up the crack of her bum,
With her down on all fours,
Saddle up, yell “Up yours!”
One good shove, and you’ve nailed her, plumb!”



March 2, 2017

Mama told her “Child, learn the fandango.”
“Maybe,” she replied. “Where’s the mango?”
“Your mouth,” said her her mum,
“Or your pussy or bum,
Anywhere that he wants to, or can go!”






November 15, 2016

She just lay there, all sulky and glum.
Fucking hell! Fe, fi, fo, fucking fum!
Fucking gigantic cock!
Pussy like a torn sock,
Not to mention a sore fucking bum!