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The cuckold

October 14, 2018

His wife’s favours, with which she was sparing,
He relished , when offered, past caring,
‘Twixt passion and gloom,
Never thinking with whom
Her soft breasts, her warm cunt, he was sharing.

Window dressing

July 11, 2018

Miniskirt, halter, stockings of mesh,
Maiden offering, smooth, shining flesh!
Breasts as firm as ripe fruit,
His to have and to root!
Perhaps virginal, tender and fresh!

Prom night

July 7, 2018

In the cold of the night, breasts tight-budded,
Eyes brimming, goose-pimpled, She shuddered.
Her first time and all!
Up against this brick wall,
Her dress ruined, uncaring, cold-blooded.

God’s work

May 22, 2018

The Inquisitor scoffed, “She shall burn!
But repents not, as yet, I discern.
Let us flog those proud breasts!”
He exclaimed to his guests.
“Father Francis, I think it’s your turn.”

Bon vivant

May 11, 2018

Panting, dripping with sweat, her breasts heave.
God! Such stamina! Hard to believe!
She’s exhausted strong men;
Pauses, just now and then,
For more bubbly. Such damn joie de vivre!

Spot check

March 18, 2018

Her young breasts, full and firm, and hard-nippled,
Her tight buttocks twitched, tensed and rippled.
White skin, her red hair …
Was it this made him stare,
Or the freckles with which she was stippled?

His train of thought

February 19, 2018

Her breasts swaying, the way she was bending,
Dress fallen away, his thoughts tending
To carnal delight,
Which the wench perhaps might
Be soliciting, even intending!




July 11, 2017

At the office, his thoughts often wander
From book-keeping entries to ponder
The shape of the breasts
Of the girl he molests,
Of whom, strangely, he’s fonder and fonder.

Crossing the line

October 1, 2016

Around fourteen her womanhood loomed;
Hips and breasts swelled. More knowing. She bloomed.
Stupid boys in her class
Squeezed her tits, groped her arse,
To much more of which shit she was doomed.



Having one’s way

August 2, 2016

Corset, petticoats, bloomers impeded
One’s access, but once one succeeded,
Soft breasts! Milky thighs!
And the ultimate prize,
Mewling protests and squeals unheeded!