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The matter in hand

May 22, 2018

His assault, when it came, was abrupt.
She cried “If I might interrupt…!”
Who’d have guessed? Yet he froze,
One young breast, why God knows,
In each ham-fisted hand gently cupped!




October 30, 2017

It was hard to know where to begin.
All those acres of lovely bare skin!
Firm of arse, full of breast …
Begging “Come! Be my guest!”
Such a sweet invitation to sin!

Booby prize

September 15, 2017

Arse and tits that a feller could kill fer!
Virginity too, his to pilfer!
He got her undressed,
Copped a grope of one breast,
But a nookie she wouldn’t lie still fer!

Not passing muster

March 22, 2017

Her low neckline was showing one breast;
Her short skirt barely covered the rest.
Though her bag matched her shoes,
In most club members’ views
She looked common, and quite underdressed.

Moral dilemma

March 2, 2017

She began to get flustered and stressed,
Once he’d kissed her, and fondled her breast.
Should she give him a suck?
Would he still want to fuck?
Should she go home, or just get undressed?




January 31, 2017

She walked round the house mostly undressed;
Flashed her neighbour some arse or some breast.
He was awfully cute!
She’d have loved a nice root,
But best not, not to foul her own nest.





September 27, 2016

Left hand under her dress, his right cupped
Round her breast. Such a shock! So abrupt!
His cock out of his pants …
The poor girl had no chance;
Rooted! Outwitted, routed, one-upped!




August 12, 2016

First he squeezed her breast. Quite out of line!
But perhaps she’d imbibed too much wine …
So extreme was her languor,
So feeble her anger,
He rooted her, what’s more, the swine!

Liberties and vigilance

August 7, 2016

She exclaimed “I say, that’s a bit rum!
You’ve gone quite far enough, and then some!
First manhandled my breast,
Then my cunt, you damn pest;
Get your damn finger out of my bum!”


Vile seducer

January 8, 2016

He gazed into her limpid blue eyes,
Hotly whispered his well-practised lies,
His right hand on her breast,
While the left one caressed
Ever higher between her locked thighs!