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Free will and determinism

September 20, 2018

She showed plenty of boob, which was great,
Wore no panties, which didn’t equate
To her being a slut,
Not conclusively, but
One might say that she was tempting fate!

Poetry in motion

August 4, 2017

Her big, pendulous boobs bounced and bobbled,
Her moon-cheeked, plump arse twitched and wobbled,
Her hair brushed his thighs
As, with love in her eyes,
And his cock in her cake-hole, she gobbled!


March 23, 2017

Not the best root he’s had, but a tryer;
No pro, just for casual hire.
Nice body, great boobs,
Bouncy arse and shaved pubes…
Everything that a man could desire!


November 15, 2016

As he grunted and came and withdrew,
Though she’d come once or twice herself, too,
She said “Look, it’s alright
If you nibble and bite
At my neck and my boobs, but don’t chew!”




September 18, 2016

“Well, a fuck’s pretty much in the bag,”
He presumed, then his plans hit a snag.
“I’ll be sixteen next week,”
She said, flashing a peek
Of her right boob. “Come on then, let’s shag!”



Who’d be a woman?

November 16, 2015

“Men!” she said. “You don’t know how it feels!
Half starved all the time, skipping meals!
And waxing our pubes!
Saving up for new boobs!
Fucking g-strings, and fucking high heels!”

Soft landing

April 2, 2015

Folded into his urgent embrace,
Her big boobs take up most of the space.
Bloody lovely, God knows!
As the old saying goes;
She won’t ever fall flat on her face!

photocopy 2

September 25, 2014

Nice big boobs; bigger would have been floppier!
Giggling, she turns on the copier,
Presses her tits on it,
Turns round and sits on it;
Naughtier still, and much sloppier!

Sage advice

June 14, 2013

Old and wrinkled, her boobs now low-slung;
The girl stared. Gran said “Cat got your tongue?
Go on out, get a man!
Fuck as much as you can,
While your tits are still firm and you’re young!”


June 12, 2013

In his selfie, he grinned and he flexed.
She thought ‘OK’, and sent him a sext;
Pouting, showing her boobs,
One hand over her pubes.
What on earth will young ladies do next!