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A visceral sensation

September 5, 2018

The young fool seemed contented to dally,
To banter, to damn shilly-shally!
She wished he’d just stick
His big (hopefully) prick
Up inside the warm tripes of her belly!


August 9, 2018

“God!” she said. “Though one cannot dispute
That was rather a marvellous root,
(May I have some more wine?)
Your prick’s elephantine!
One was stretched like a hindoo mahout!”

The cut of his jib

March 7, 2017

A trained eye, she could tell at a glance,
From his stance, and the cut of his pants,
All about a man’s prick
Was it long? Was it thick?
If he felt like a bit of romance!

Taking charge of the situation

February 17, 2017

“My good man, must you be so obtuse?
Can’t you see my cunt’s dripping with juice?”
She exclaimed. “That’s the trick!
Stick that lovely big prick
Where the damn thing will be of most use!”



Lucky dip

February 10, 2015

Oh my God! What a lovely surprise!
A fat prick of improbable size!
Though afraid it won’t fit,
She licks, rubs it with spit,
And then spreads her legs gamely and tries!

Goldilocks and the bears

May 3, 2013

Goldilocks had a thing about bears.
While they slept, she’d sneak into their lairs;
If you like the fit tight,
A big bear prick’s just right!
“Kind of weird,” she thought, “but who cares?”



Plain brown wrapper

August 18, 2012

Though her clothing was shapeless and drab,
When she stripped, and removed her hijab,
Underneath was revealed
Smooth flesh, made to yield;
His prick skewered her like a kebab!