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August 9, 2018

“God!” she said. “Though one cannot dispute
That was rather a marvellous root,
(May I have some more wine?)
Your prick’s elephantine!
One was stretched like a hindoo mahout!”

Negotiating skills

July 29, 2018

“Just plain sex,” she said. “Not from behind.
I won’t suck it. I’m just not that kind.
Not my bottom… My God!
You damn treacherous sod!
It’s too big! It’s… Oh fuck! Never mind.”


July 17, 2018

She went into a bit of a sulk.
It was not just its gob-smacking bulk
That had left her subdued;
It was like being screwed
By the goddamn Incredible Hulk!

The goose and the gander

July 17, 2018

He was not so much pissing as hosing,
His organ distinctly imposing!
She shouldn’t have looked.
God! Her goose would be cooked,
When he fucked her with that! (Just supposing.)


July 11, 2018

Smitten, awestruck, enraptured, she gazed,
By excess of desire quite crazed,
As his penis unfurled,
Rampant, droplet be-pearled,
Like the leg of a beast, God be praised!

Frill-necked lizard

July 11, 2018

“Well then! What have we here?” (Eyes twinkling.)
“My goodness! So big!” She laughed, (tinkling).
“Good Lord! Bigger still!”
She cried, tickling its frill,
As his penis continued unwrinkling!


July 9, 2018

When he whipped out his cock, she thought “Golly!
So big!” But resistance was folly;
Picked up like a doll,
Screwed in this and that hole!
And how was it? Oh, jolly. Just jolly.


May 14, 2018

At the sight of his penis, words failed her!
Shocked, for what good it availed her,
Brave little lass,
Though she fought him, alas,
Soon, arse up and face down, he’d impaled her!


May 9, 2018

Though she did show a certain audacity,
One had to doubt her capacity,
Tiny and thin
To fit all of it in,
But she did, with grit, spit and tenacity!

The munchies

April 5, 2018

Although not one to crap on or boast,
He’s, in fact, a lot bigger than most,
And ten minutes before,
She was screaming for more …
Now she’s there, drinking tea, eating toast!