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November 4, 2018

Seem’s like nothin’ that girl wouldn’t screw!
Blokes, of course, chicks-with-dicks…don’t mind who!
Old men, dykes, little boys,
All those big rubber toys,
Donkeys, dogs… damn! The whole fuckin zoo!

Woman’s best friend

October 22, 2018

The whole night was a blur, lost in fog.
She conceded she’d had too much grog,
Which might help explain how
She’s just woken up now,
Naked, snuggled up next to her dog!


July 9, 2018

Nekkid, swiggin’ a big jar of hooch,
Ellie-May snuggled up to her pooch,
A damn mean-lookin’ critter;
She owned that he’d bit her,
One time when she gave him a smooch!

The eccentricities of the rich

September 24, 2017

She’s got plenty of money, just oodles,
Designer clothes, jewels, pet poodles.
She goes out with men …
Alright, just now and then,
But her dogs have such cute little doodles!

Cock and bull

July 17, 2017

Just a country lass, down on the farm.
Simple pleasures; what possible harm?
Milking cows, a sly pull
On the cock of the bull,
Red and shiny, as big as her arm!







Comparative anatomy

June 27, 2017

Said the farmer’s wife, rather despairing,
“Please, husband, you’ll pardon my staring;
The bull and the horse,
Though they’re just beasts, of course,
Have such whopping big cocks! Just comparing.”




June 8, 2017

Used to loneliness, mostly just cattle
For friends, and for sex, hard to rattle,
But still … for his brother
To go tell his mother,
Damn treacherous! Damn tittle-tattle!




A ride in the country

January 26, 2017

Was her new saddle somehow enchanted?
She slid back and  forward and panted,
Buck naked, of course,
Just herself and her horse,
As she cried out and came, as he cantered!


Nature study

December 6, 2016

Naked, out in the woods, in the drizzle,
She fondles her stallion’s great pizzle.
It stiffens, of course,
So a man, like a horse,
If she does this to him, maybe his’ll.



It’s those big eyes!

December 2, 2016

In the desert there’s little to trammel
One’s love for a beautiful camel;
Who cares, wrong or right,
So why go cold at night
For the lack of a warm-blooded mammal?


India, 2006, Pushkar

India, 2006, Pushkar