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In vino veritas

December 7, 2018

She woke, naked, and covered with goo,
Squirted, splattered by goodness knows who,
On a damp, smelly bed,
Squishy pussy, sore head,
And thought “God! What on earth did I do?”

Dutch courage

November 27, 2018

“So,” she said, with a nudge and a wink,
“Saucy maids? Handcuffs? Whips? What’s your kink?”
“Fucking girls up the arse!”
“Gosh!” She passed him her glass.
“Then I’d better have one more stiff drink!”


November 1, 2018

He said “Mate! What I mean is that she,
Get this, mate, is as keen as could be,
To be spit-roasted, mate!
Front or back! She can’t wait!
Maybe both, just between you and me!”

Fine print

October 18, 2018

Her consent had been hotly disputed;
His claim that she had, she refuted;
“Did too!”
“Yeah, but not where I poo!”
Though by which time, of course, she’d been rooted!


October 17, 2018

She woke up the next morning and moaned,
“Oh my God” she thought. “Man! Was I stoned!”
Things got out of control…
She’d yelled “Hey man! Wrong hole!”
But by then, she’d already been boned.

An awkward position

October 14, 2018

He said “Miss, would you please be so kind…?
Just roll over… I want you behind…
Not your pussy, my dear…
The other, I fear.
I hope you don’t very much mind!”

Negotiating skills

July 29, 2018

“Just plain sex,” she said. “Not from behind.
I won’t suck it. I’m just not that kind.
Not my bottom… My God!
You damn treacherous sod!
It’s too big! It’s… Oh fuck! Never mind.”

Worked over

July 18, 2018

First a head job (well, throat fuck), then, finally,
Over an armchair, vaginally.
All fair enough,
But then once again, rough,
Up the arse, which annoyed her, though minorly.

Father knows best

July 11, 2018

“Fuck her pussy, then give her a flip,”
Said his Dad. “And son, don’t take no lip!
Do her butthole as well!
Though she’ll buck and she’ll yell,
God gave women them titties to grip!”

Hello sailor

July 10, 2018

“”Hello sailor!” The tart called. “Ahoy!”
He walked over, surprisingly coy.
“You got such a nice bum,”
He said. “Lovely for some.
What a pity you ain’t a nice boy!”