Small pleasures


Life is full of disappointments and frustrations. By and large, it is simply not all we would like it to  be.
People console themselves in strange ways, and take pleasure in the most curious things.




An old lady, her heart all aflutter,
Peeks out every night through her shutter,
In wicked delight
At the sensuous sight
Of the dogs making love in the gutter.


Royalty-Free Stock Imagery by Rubberball


It was not her short dress that appealed
Nor even the charms it revealed
The thing that I find
Occupying my mind
Is the part that it barely concealed!


An old maid called Elizabeth Barrett,
Dines Saturday nights with her parrot,
On sunflower seeds
And a salad of weeds,
And a nice economical claret.


Within decency’s scrupulous bounds
When a girl flaunts her huge buxom mounds,
It’s quite fun to assay,
By what methods one may,
Their nett weight in both kilos and pounds.


My idea of transcendent calm
Is to lie ‘neath a coconut palm,
Sipping milk from the nut,
With my hand on the butt,
Of the hula-girl under my arm.


Miss Augusta has chosen the cello,
Not just for its timbre so mellow,
But also because,
‘Midst encores and applause,
She can fancy she’s straddling a fellow!


An attractive young lady from Cheltenham
Wore jeans and looked terribly svelte in ‘em.
The fit was ungodly,
They made her walk oddly:
She liked, though, the way that she felt in ‘em!


There’s a pretty young lady, from Denmark,
Red-headed, then ash-blonde and then dark.
A fortunate few
Know her natural hue,
And they give her a nine-out-of-ten mark.


The train swayed; she was nodding and  dozing,
Not knowing what she was exposing.
I did try my best
Not to stare at her breast,
Through the blouse she’d been careless in closing!



‘Neath the shade of the old eucalyptus,
We lay with the girls who’d unzipped us,
Who teased with their lips
At the sensitive tips,
Of the stalks with which nature equipped us!



Author’s own photo


A maid’s loveliest part doth exude,
To the air at large odours subdued,
And this same secret place,
Irrespective of race,
Like a dainty pink rosebud is hued!


Poor Matilda’s a bit of a frump,
And her buttocks and thighs are too plump.
She has pendulous tits,
And she’s subject to fits,
Still, she’s worth the occasional hump!


In a langorous mood, a young girlie
Untangled her pubic hair curly,
With one hand caressed
One delightul round breast,
With the other, her clitoris pearly!


The most marvellous thing about Glenda,
Is how one can usefully bend her
In curious ways,
And erotic displays,
For which God, perhaps, didn’t intend her!


When Miss Quigley develops a niggle,
It causes her bottom to wriggle:
This curious motion,
Assisted by lotion,
Soon brings on an orgasmic giggle!


My old granny, distinctly old-fashioned,
And grandfather, rather impassioned,
I heard late one night,
In a hoarse-whispered fight,
About why grandpa’s fucking was rationed!



A young lady, all proper and prim
Had a sudden, exceptional whim
To go down to the strand,
With her shoes in her hand,
And to take off her clothing and swim.


There was once a young girl so refined,
All her knickers were Paris-designed;
These were eagerly sought,
And were swapped, sold and bought…
After fucking, she’d leave them behind!


Mary-Claire raised her bicycle seat,
Till she scarce reached the ground with her feet,
For it’s lovely to straddle
Your bicycle saddle
And come as you go down the street!


Though she’s freckled, and terribly thin,
And my cousin’s wife’s sister, thus kin,
Though she farts in the bed
And she doesn’t give head,
She’s still jolly good fun to be in!


When a lady at breakfast looks tired,
And less than discreetly attired,
It’s a dead give-away,
In fact, mere child’s play,
To deduce what in darkness transpired!


There’s a friendly young lady called Trish,
You can have whensoever you wish,
And it’s many a night,
That it’s been my delight,
To bed down in her downy soft niche!

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