August 10, 2017

She’d been somehow, it seemed, rather duped.
Could consent be passed on, shared and grouped?
Two guys, three? Yeah. But more?
The line went out the door!
She was starting to get a bit pooped!


Loose lips

August 7, 2017

Though her pussy was slack, for a fact,
He could still have, at least, shown some tact;
Not been quite so damn blunt,
Not said “sloppy damn cunt”!
And not during the actual act!

New to the game

August 7, 2017

She was sixteen, maybe, at a stretch,
Still a virgin, most likely, poor wretch!
He could do her himself.
But such pussy! Top-shelf!
Better still, wait and see what she’ll fetch!

No big thing

August 4, 2017

Though the time and the place might not suit,
Despite having the rags on, to boot,
Although not in the mood,
To be frank, to be screwed,
What the fuck, right? It’s only a root!

Poetry in motion

August 4, 2017

Her big, pendulous boobs bounced and bobbled,
Her moon-cheeked, plump arse twitched and wobbled,
Her hair brushed his thighs
As, with love in her eyes,
And his cock in her cake-hole, she gobbled!

Worst comes to worst

July 27, 2017

She woke suddenly, gasping. She tensed.
There was somebody near, she sensed!
Some vile chap. Even chaps!
Who might rape her perhaps!
Which, in fact, she had nothing against.

Guessing game

July 26, 2017

When he slapped her a bit, tore her dress,
She’d at least played along, more or less,
But he wondered, mid-shag,
(Should he take off her gag?)
If her grunt meant a no or a yes.

The gift

July 20, 2017

Sweet sixteen, almost never been kissed;
Such soft lips, and so supple a wrist!
Quite astounding; so young,
Such a talented tongue,
And her slippery grip; rub and twist!

No harm in asking

July 20, 2017

His remark was a bit out of place,
Or, as she said, “a bloody disgrace!”
But he thought, “What’s to lose?
She can only refuse.”
“God!” she said. “Wipe that smirk off your face!”

A den of iniquity

July 20, 2017

Not a place a nice girl would frequent,
Unescorted, in any event.
She’d be manhandled, groped,
Perhaps raped (so she hoped),
Which, of course, is the reason she went!