December 28, 2018

If my pussy’s too tight, she said, gloomy,
I’m certain my arse is more roomy.
I suck pretty good…
If you’d like to, I could!
Tie me up! Just do anything to me!

The proof of the pudding

December 28, 2018

Though she’d never had sex, she confessed,
She’d most probably like it, she guessed,
And be good at it too,
For all anyone knew,
If and when she were put to the test!

The small print

December 13, 2018

Who’d have thought her consent had extended
To being stripped, roughly upended,
Screwed various ways,
(Some of which would amaze!)
Not at all what the poor girl intended!

The procreative imperative

December 13, 2018

A man’s motives are rarely abstruse;
He wants sex, with the slightest excuse.
Lust, the thrill, power, greed,
Justified as a need,
Like for drugs, and about as much use.

Comings and goings

December 13, 2018

Two or three at a time, quite a few;
It would end when it ended, she knew.
One bloke went out of turn,
And she said, kind of stern,
“You can go to the back of the queue!”


December 11, 2018

She’d been taken a bit by surprise,
From the size of the whites of her eyes,
At the heft of his cock,
Her mouth open in shock,
And the piss trickling down her smooth thighs!

Means to an end

December 10, 2018

To what tricks would the man not descend?
What disgusting things might he intend?
Liquor? Drugs? Well of course!
Money? Bondage? Brute force…
Till she’s brought to a sad, sticky end?

Man the bilge pumps!

December 9, 2018

Straight up, doggy-style, her perched on top,
She’d come, he’d come. Still pounding! Slip, slop!,
Panting, pussy awash,
She gasped “Darling!” (Splish, splosh!)
“Do you think we could maybe just stop?”

In vino veritas

December 7, 2018

She woke, naked, and covered with goo,
Squirted, splattered by goodness knows who,
On a damp, smelly bed,
Squishy pussy, sore head,
And thought “God! What on earth did I do?”

Virtue and necessity

December 7, 2018

Poor young wench, captive, raped, god-forsaken,
Home burned by barbarians, taken
Away on their ship,
(Her first overseas trip),
Unaccountably awed, though quite shaken.