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July 16, 2018

Captain Armstrong was terribly dashing,
His uniform, also, looked smashing,
Thought Claire at the dance,
As she hoped that his glance
Had caught sight of the tit she was flashing!


July 16, 2018

The poor girl, the next morn, to awaken,
Bruised, sullied, and sadly forsaken!
She’d done it for love,
But, gosh! Heavens above!
It would seem she was rather mistaken!

Rum trifle

July 16, 2018

The bold hussy, not one who would stifle
The impulse, she gave him an eyeful!
The cut of her blouse,
Of course, meant to arouse
Any chap she chose, with whom to trifle!.

Harrowing farrowing

July 15, 2018

The poor girl! Though she weren’t no damn quitter,
Grew weary, resentful and bitter.
Damn triplets! Fuck’s sake!
Don’t it take the damn cake?
There were times she might drown the whole litter!

The benefit of hindsight

July 15, 2018

Though at first she’d been highly offended,
Outraged, by the time that it ended,
Her ravishment done,
All too soon once begun,
She’d decided she thought it quite splendid!

Reasonable doubt

July 13, 2018

She was sexy as hell, though not clever.
She’d never had sex! Never! Ever!
He said “Well, you should!
Sex is awful damn good!”
And she answered “Yeah. No. Yeah. Whatever!

Sneak preview

July 11, 2018

“Ooh la la! Mad’moiselle, c’est tres chic!”
Said the salon guy, slimy damn sneak!
“Please, try this one as well!”
But, of course, she could tell
He just wanted another damn peek!

Bondage for beginners

July 10, 2018

Fluffy-handcuffed, blindfolded, she begs
“Oh my goodness! No!No! Not the pegs!
And spanked too, I suppose?
Yes, but not where it shows!
On my bottom please, not on my legs!

Quality, not quantity

July 9, 2018

In the rating of bosoms, what counts
Is not measurements, inch pound and ounce;
It’s their swell and their shape,
How they try to escape,
Squeezability, softness and bounce!


July 6, 2018

The poor girl, she was tortured infernally,
Doomed, she expected, eternally,
Once she gave in,
Though she’d known it was sin,
But goddamn! It felt so good, internally!