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Man’s best friend

January 1, 2019

She’s just standin’ there, cheeky damn bitch,
At the front door, not wearin’ a stitch!
And his best mate’s wife too!
If the poor bastard knew!
What the hell, though? A man ain’t no snitch.

The proof of the pudding

December 28, 2018

Though she’d never had sex, she confessed,
She’d most probably like it, she guessed,
And be good at it too,
For all anyone knew,
If and when she were put to the test!

The blunted sword

November 22, 2018

“Though I’m not one for casting aspersions”,
She said, “his attempted insertions
Do leave one quite cold!
Poor Sir Ralph’s just to old
For such amorous, sweaty exertions!”

Frilly knickers

November 14, 2018

Frilly knickers, scrunched up, at his feet.
What’s the story? Love? Lust? Bitter? Sweet?
Of virginity lost?
Or just carelessly tossed,
Stained and soggy, leaf-strewn, on the street?

Not that kind of girl

October 16, 2018

Not the kind of girl guys would give rings to,
Not someone a nice fellow brings to
His house. “Meet the folks!”
No, she drinks and she smokes…
More the kind just to do filthy things to!

Sexual mechanics

September 24, 2018

Did the earth move? Well, no. Was it splendid?
In fact, she’d been glad when it ended;
The grunting, the sweat
Her bed smelly and wet…
The whole farce into which it descended!

Liar dice

August 28, 2018

The whole night, in her damp bed, she tossed.
She’d risked all, rolled the dice, and she’d lost!
Now he’s had his vile way,
(To him just sordid play),
And she’s ruined, virginity lost!

Led astray

August 20, 2018

Half-undressed, in complete disarray,
It was plain that she’d been led astray
By some lecherous youth,
Her mum thought, though, in truth,
She’d been leading, not led, in a way.


August 16, 2018

A bit daft, poor girl, somewhat impaired,
Cursed with beauty, she wouldn’t be spared.
“Come, play my new game!”
He urged, much to his shame,
Not as if, though, in fact, that he cared!

The human trampoline

August 12, 2018

A coquettish girl, blessedly-breasted!
“Fine bosom to bounce off!” he jested.
“That may well be so,”
She said. Who’d ever know,
If it’s bounciness hasn’t been tested?”