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Spot check

March 18, 2018

Her young breasts, full and firm, and hard-nippled,
Her tight buttocks twitched, tensed and rippled.
White skin, her red hair …
Was it this made him stare,
Or the freckles with which she was stippled?

The lie of the land

March 13, 2018

Well, a woman would have to be blind …
She’d known fellows before of his kind!
He’d seduce her, perhaps,
As had various chaps,
Which she’d found that she didn’t much mind!

The impotence of prayer

March 13, 2018

Women pray to their various gods,
Pious whispers and gestures and nods.
If their gods only knew
The lewd things they then do,
They’d be damned, but then, what are the odds?

The unspeakable

February 28, 2018

A small sin, just a slight moral lapse,
A small act of rebellion perhaps.
She’d kissed … never mind who,
And gone down on him too,
And quite possibly (fill in the gaps).

His train of thought

February 19, 2018

Her breasts swaying, the way she was bending,
Dress fallen away, his thoughts tending
To carnal delight,
Which the wench perhaps might
Be soliciting, even intending!




February 18, 2018

Convoluted and pink as a coral,
Or soft fleshy-petalled and floral,
The labia minor
That grace the vagina
Do tempt one to pleasures immoral!




Lyme Regis

February 15, 2018

The cad took the girl down to Lyme Regis,
(The boarding house, although prestigious,
Still turned a blind eye
To the honeymoon lie,)
And abused her in ways quite egregious!


February 15, 2018

“What a splendid big weapon, milord!”
She exclaimed, not the least overawed,
As she hitched up her skirt,
Shameless, vulgar young flirt,
Lined things up, and then fell on his sword!

The moons and Venus

February 15, 2018

Her big bosom, like twin moonish spheres,
Attracts lewd suggestions and leers,
Too crude to repeat,
Such as “Beautiful feet!
They’d look lovely up next to your ears!”

The lobbyist

February 7, 2018

She’d been caught having sex in the lobby.
“Right, Miss. What’s yer game?” said the bobby.
“Just innocent fun!”
She said. “What harm’s been done?
Just a girl’s little bit of a hobby!”