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In praise of pheromones

November 17, 2016

Those perfumes and colognes that they sell,
If you ask me, don’t work all that well.
Spice and floral bouquets
Are quite nice, in their ways,
But I’d rather girls’ natural smell!


Canella from

Melting pot

August 17, 2016

Modern life, be it rural or urban,
Is changing; less beer, more bourbon.
That cute girl next door
Wears a hijab, what’s more,
And the shopkeeper, Raj, wears a turban.

It’s an ill wind

April 4, 2016

In the ’60s, a time of austerity,
Girls showed their lack of prosperity
Right where it hurts
Wearing tight little skirts,
A delightful effect for posterity!

Love and lust

October 3, 2015

Love and lust; the line’s quite indistinct,
Blurred and stretched, often jagged and kinked.
Is love more in the mind,
Lust more brutish? You’ll find
They’re, of course, inextricably linked.


Man kissing navel of half-naked woman in his embrace(black & white)

Seasons past

February 13, 2014

All her life, endless lonely Septembers,
Each spring, flowers bloom, she remembers;
Alone in her bed,
Love’s words breathlessly said,
His hot touch, her sighs fanning the embers.

The flesh and the spirit

January 1, 2014

Said a pious young Anglican deacon,
“One’s virtue should shine like a beacon!
When tempted, of course,
One may find, with remorse,
Flesh too willing. The spirit may weaken.”

The age of chivalry

November 5, 2013

Kings and princes had no need of dating;
The dozens of ladies-in-waiting,
Nice upper-class tarts,
Bless their monarchist hearts,
Were all pretty much there for the mating!

La rêve

September 5, 2013

Elle avait une vrai je ne sais quoi;
Il s’imaginait, donc, quelque fois,
Qu’ils faisaient l’amour
Puis on aurait toujours
Eu, au moins, ce bref instant de joie.

Lies and promises

June 30, 2013

He’d sworn love, promised always to stay with her;
Lies, told till he’d had his way with her.
Cold as he grew,
Though he’d used her, she knew,
She still loved the cad, do what he may with her!


June 25, 2013

Having altered her marital status,
Some weeks passed, a decent hiatus.
She said she believed
That she might have conceived,
But it turned out to only be flatus.