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The worm in the bud

November 15, 2018

When they fuck, she moans, groans and pretends.
Could they not just have stayed just good friends?
It’s just sex, but she knows,
Or can only suppose,
It will be that much worse, when it ends.

Upstairs, downstairs

November 15, 2018

They’d drawn straws, all the maids, for first dibs…
Glassy-eyed, Bess exclaimed “Lord! His Nibs!
I’ve been fucked black and blue!
Near split me in two!
I could feel it right up to me ribs!”

The language of love

November 15, 2018

She was deaf-mute, poor slut, but could mime…
Lusty hip-thrusts, lewd gestures… sublime!
Splendid titties as well,
Sparkling eyes! Truth to tell,
To not root her had seemed a damn crime!

She had it coming

November 15, 2018

Served her right, more or less, she admitted,
Well-formed as she was, ample-titted,
For flirting like that,
To, in five minutes flat,
Have been face-down, arse-up, being spitted!

Love possibly

November 12, 2018

Gobs of cum in her hair, on her dress.
Daddy sitting up waiting, she’d guess…
The damn strap in his hand!
Would her folks understand?
It was love! Or quite like. More or less.

After the jousting

November 10, 2018

Just a squire, a raw, callow youth,
Fair of feature, though rude and uncouth,
Lady Gwendoline mused,
Which his big cock excused,
And he knew how to use it, forsooth!


November 10, 2018

What a big, hairy, sweaty, dumb goon!
She thought. Like some silly cartoon,
Not to be too unkind,
But she might change her mind,
And say stop, if he doesn’t cum soon!

Animal magnetism

November 9, 2018

Of finesse he was simply devoid.
She perhaps should have been more annoyed.
Just wham! Bam! The big brute!
A rough, animal root,
She’d surprisingly, though, quite enjoyed!


November 7, 2018

She came fast, with a guttural groan,
Sighed, and said “That was close to the bone,
To have called me a slut!
Which I am, frankly, but
How on earth could you ever have known?”


November 7, 2018

Well, she thought. He’s a curious fella!
Don’t get out too much, by his pallor.
The whips and the chains?
Guess that sort of explains
Why I’m locked in this cage, in his cellar!