Welcome to Pete’s Limericks


Pete and friend

Pete and friend

Pete who?

If you’re a student of limericks, you’ll be aware that the vast majority of limericks are anonymous. I, too, shall remain so.

Every limerick here is the product of my own fevered imagination. None has been published elsewhere.

I come up with one or more new limericks on most days.

Start with my latest post and work backwards, or go to the  Search this site widget and type in a word or phrase to find limericks about anything that tickles your imagination.

Alternatively, click on the tags under each limerick to find others with the same tag.

You can also browse by category: G, PG, AO or X, in increasing order of obscenity



A few years ago I put together a book, but it was never published, and I’d prefer that my limericks at least see the light of day.

You will find that book,”Quickies”, chapter by chapter, as pages on the sidebar my blog.


Read and enjoy! I’ll try to keep up a constant supply.



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