About the book

An entirely new collection of mostly obscene limericks


The writer and his muse



We limerick writers are retiring folk. Traditionally limericks are signed “Anon”, if signed at all. Many are attributed to famous figures, but few own up to authorship. The limerick seems generally to be regarded as the bastard progeny of respectable writers. Personally I have a deep conviction that the day of the limerick has come. I see it as the new poetry of the common man. All of us are capable of reciting a limerick or two, but who can reel off a ballad or a sonnet?

Still, I lack the courage of my conviction. Hence the writing of this book has been a clandestine affair. Smutty little thoughts occur to me with alarming frequency, and rather than suppress them, it has been my perverse pleasure to immortalise them in verse. My preoccupation is such that I have kept them all. Here are some of my favourites.



All characters and events in these limericks are fictitious. If you think that you recognise yourself, or that your name has been taken in vain, don’t worry about it.





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